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Get Shredded Like the Dark Knight for Batman Day

Get Shredded Like the Dark Knight for Batman Day
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 Who doesn't love Batman? He's a hero that everyone can look up to and admire.

One of the things that makes this superhero so amazing is his incredibly physical fitness. He can do things you can only dream about doing because of his superpowers, but you, too, can be fit and strong if you focus on building muscle.

So, why not set yourself a goal to celebrate Batman Day on September 15th by getting shredded like the man himself?

The Details on Batman Day

Batman Day is a fun celebration of this comic book character. It occurs on September 15th, and according to DC Comics, it is a worldwide celebration of the Dark Knight. There are events covering the globe dedicate to Batman and allowing fans of all ages to honor this popular character.  

One way many people choose to celebrate is dressing up in a Batman costume. Often, these costumes have fake abs that make it look like the wearer has a six-pack. While you certainly could do that, wouldn't it be better if you had a real six-pack to show off?

The Basics of Getting Shredded

To get a six-pack or visible muscles, you need to do two things:

  • Reduce your body fat
  • Build muscle

If you do one without doing the other, you will not get the shredded look you want. If you try to reduce fat, you may see muscles, but they won't likely be anything like Batman's. If you try to build muscle without losing fat, then you will just end up with a layer of fat over your muscles. You won't see the definition.

The Catch-22

Here’s the issue with reducing body fat while building muscle: it is tough. According to Men's Health, to build muscle, you need to increase your calorie intake. However, it is common knowledge that to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake.

So, how can you reach your goals when you need to do the opposite things?

The good news is that it is not impossible. Insider explains the key is to focus on losing fat.  You likely will not see the scale go down, and it could even go up, but that is fine because you are building muscle, which weighs more than fat. Instead, focus on what you see in the mirror and how your clothes fit. If you are losing fat, your clothes will be loose and you'll look trimmer even while building muscle.

The Plan

So, now that you know you can do it, you need a plan. A good place to start is with your diet.

The Diet

To build muscle, you need a lot of protein. Protein is what works inside your body to build and repair muscles. You should increase the protein in your diet, but use lean proteins. Pair carbohydrates with your protein at meals to avoid the heavy feeling you may get from carbs. Don't remove carbs completely, though. You need them for energy.

Also, reduce the fat, and cut out sugar. You should aim for a lot of fiber to help you feel full. Men's Journal also notes that you should eat smaller meals more often. This will keep your metabolism up and will help prevent the body from using muscle for energy as well.

You may also want to try supplements and weight loss injections. You can use these to help you get the vitamins you need, keep your metabolism up, and get through plateaus. Weight loss injections, for example, can help you to get a boost on fat burning, which will allow you to see your muscle-building efforts even sooner.

Just be sure to check out weight loss injections and similar supplemental tools before you use them to be sure they align with your goals.

Finally, make sure to drink a lot of water. Your body needs water to stay healthy and to build muscle. Always keep a water bottle on hand to hydrate throughout the day.

The Workout

One of the main goals for your workout should be to keep it changing. Your body adapts quickly to a routine. If you don't challenge it, you won't see progress.

In addition, you have to focus on compound exercises. Working more than one muscle group at a time maximizes your workout. Your body will work harder as well.

You also need to get into the mindset of lifting heavier, not more. Doing 10 reps at 100lbs is far better and will get you quicker and more significant results than doing 20 reps at 50 lbs. So, push yourself and lift as much as you can. If it's too easy, increase your weight, not your reps.

Finally, don't go hard every day. Your body has to have downtime to rebuild. You can work out every day, but leave some as light days where you do cardio or some other type of exercise that does not stress your muscles, such as swimming.

Putting It All Together

While it may seem like a lot to do, it takes work to look as fit and strong as Batman. If your dream is to celebrate Batman Day with a shredded body, then you need to get to work. Take the advice to lower your body fat while also building muscles so that you can have a defined six-pack to show off this September 15th.


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