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Enzymes and Their Role In Weight Loss Options

Enzymes and Their Role In Weight Loss Options
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For years people have been looking for the magic formula of weight loss. This is shown in the almost $72 billion spent each year in the weight loss market. From vitamin drips to keto, it seems there is a dieting plan available for everyone that needs one and even those that don’t. The “no diet” approach is still alive and well, with participants simply focusing on clean or mindful eating. Whatever your weight goals, the good news is that there is a diet out there for you. The bad news is that you may have to wade through dozens of websites and read through hundreds of articles to find how legitimate a weight loss claim may be.

Narrowing Down Dieting Options

When thinking about your dieting plan, you need to decide why you are dieting. If you have a target weight in mind and a certain deadline by which to reach that goal, you may want to take a more serious approach to weight loss. Clean eating supports overall body health, but it can take quite a while to achieve noticeable results. If you are motivated to lose weight for an upcoming family reunion, your weight loss may end up being temporary. You follow a dieting regimen until you reach a desired look or size, but after the moment of need has passed, you may slip back into poor eating choices or unhealthy habits. The motivation behind your dieting plan will help you narrow down which dieting options will be more supportive of your long-term goals.

Crash or Fad Diet Options

As you research “how to lose weight fast,” you will be bombarded with product after product that guarantees impressive results. These diets aren’t anything new and have been around for at least 100 years. As time has evolved, many dieting plans have moved away from magic pills and turned toward more consistent dieting efforts, like the programs that follow Paleo, Keto, or Whole 30. However, these plans generally only provide long-term results when an individual commits to the eating routine and avoids cheat days or moments of weakness.  A fad diet can be really hard to stick with, especially when the plan focuses on banning entire food groups. Once people reach their desired weight loss, they stop eating according to the plan and revert to their former eating habits. This often leads to weight gain.

Restrictive Dieting

There are many who feel that restrictive dieting can be one of the fastest ways to lose a significant amount of weight. These diets favor drastic changes in consumption, either by limiting their intake to a certain number of calories or by fasting and avoiding meals or snacks altogether for certain periods of time. The impact of withholding food from the body can cause the body to lose weight, but there is a danger in following a restrictive plan without the guidance of a physician or dietician. Too many unknowingly withhold crucial nutrients from their body, creating situations of malnutrition or weakened immunity. It is also difficult for individuals to commit to such a plan when may already struggle with willpower and choosing the right foods. Once again, when these individuals stop dieting, it is likely that they will put the pounds back on. Fortunately, there are programs that use a combination of methods to help achieve more consistent and sustainable weight loss.

Using Digestive Enzymes for Dieting

In many situations, digestive enzymes can be used to increase the body’s natural absorption of nutrients and aid in healthy digestive function. These compounds are commonly used to address conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and lactose intolerance, but there has good success with using enzymes to promote weight loss.

The Types of Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are used by the body to break down food into smaller components that are easier for the body to absorb. Though the body naturally produces these compounds, there are medications and supplements that can be taken to encourage the same natural processes. There are three main types of these enzymes.

  • Lipase breaks down lipids into fatty acids and glycerol
  • Protease breaks down protein into smaller amino acids
  • Amylase breaks down starches and complex carbohydrates into simple sugars

Research has found that some of these enzymes are able to create a healthier gut microbiome. These are the organisms that live in the digestive tract and filter out unnecessary waste. Gut microbiome is also thought to have a small part in weight control as evidence shows it can reduce fat mass and body mass index.

The Effect of Lipase

The effects of lipase in the system is an increased absorption of fat into the body, as the enzyme breaks down compounds into smaller components of free fatty acids and glycerol. In studies where individuals took a lipase supplement before a meal, it was often noticed that the participants experienced decreased feelings of fullness after just one hour. Unfortunately, an increased ability to absorb fat has a damaging effect on an individual’s weight.


How to Lose Weight With Xenical

For enzymes to be an effective part of a weight loss program, using a lipase inhibitor is the way to go. When a medication like Orlistat (more commonly known as Xenical) is added to a weight loss plan, it works to decrease lipase levels in the body. This medication work to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body by increasing how quickly fat is expelled from the body. The medication addresses the enzymes that would normally break down triglycerides in the digestive tract, rerouting the excess and unabsorbed fat straight to elimination through feces. As a component of a dieting plan, it works best what an individual follows a low-calorie diet with a strong nutritional balance of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, and a strong exercise program. The medication helps individuals from gaining back the weight that has been lost. Xenical is a prescription medication, making it necessary to speak to a healthcare provider about your interest in using a lipase inhibitor to support your dieting efforts.

Realizing the Importance of a Healthy Weight

Whether you decide to use an enzyme-based product to support your dieting goals or you try your hand at an “as seen on tv” plan, it is important to remember that the goal is to achieve a sustainable healthy weight. Physicians rely on the body mass index chart to plot your level of health, though this is really a basic assessment of body weight and distribution. A diet may bring your weight into a target category, but this doesn’t mean you have achieved sustainable weight loss. Crash diets can drop numerous pounds quickly, but the effects of malnutrition can be severe. Additionally, failing to learn how to regulate your portions, select the right foods, and increase your activity levels will only prolong your battle against excess fat.

Programs that incorporate restrictive eating, supplemental medications, and training on a healthy lifestyle are generally the most effective for weight loss. Picking and choosing what is comfortable or what seems easy won’t give you the success you need. Weight loss is hard work, but the right tools, resources, and support team can motivate and assist your journey. If you want to know more about lipase inhibitors and a dieting option that provides the tools and resources you need, contact the health experts at Nu Image about the WAYT-less diet.

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