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4 Lazy Activities That Get Things Done

4 Lazy Activities That Get Things Done
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Technology has certainly made everyone’s life easier, but instead of having more time to rest and relax, it seems that people just pile more onto their plates. Multitasking is at an all-time high, and longer hours are being put in at work across the country. For the average employee, putting in 40 hours has become a bare minimum on the ladder to success. With all of the extra effort being demanded from Americans of all ages, August 10th gives everyone a chance to slow down and catch their breath. National Lazy Day is just around the corner, and you should definitely put celebrating it on your list of things to do.

The Business of Being Productive

Being called lazy isn’t really a compliment. In fact, most people prefer to be industrious and earn their way through life. In fact, being productive is a way of life that improves your quality of life. It promotes a strong mind and body, and when you have these two things, your overall quality of life generally increases. Your relationships, your intelligence, your creativity, your muscles, your health, and your mental clarity all tend to improve when you are using your strengths and abilities to impact your world. Too many people rely on productivity to pad their bank account, and while that can happen, it can also lead to brain fatigue and chronic stress. When your productivity goals are about hitting a certain financial status or achieving materialistic gain, you can devote so much time and energy into these pursuits that you actually become counterproductive. The harder you push your mind and body without relief, the more you reduce your long-term potential. Thankfully, National Lazy Day gives you the excuse you need to take a much needed day of rest.

Time to Turn Weakness Into Strength

It is a lot easier for some people to sit around and od nothing than others. The mental guilt of not doing anything can make it hard to just relax. However, there are several habits or activities that might seem lazy at first glance that actually increase your overall productivity. Here are some alternative ways to think about some more relaxing activities.

  1. Napping: No longer just for babies, toddlers, and the elderly, napping helps encourage creativity and the growth of thoughts. While your boss might have something to say about crawling under the desk for a 30 minutes snooze after lunch, neuroscientists have found that napping can help you elaborate on ideas and retain them more easily, as well as trigger increased right-brain productivity. Catching a quick 20-minute power nap on your lunch break can be enough to let your mind wander and trigger subconscious thoughts. This may make it easier for you to come up with a killer marketing strategy during your 3 p.m. team meeting.
  2. Daydreaming: Similar to letting your mind wander during a nap, daydreaming while you are completing mindless tasks gives the brain new opportunities to make connections. Imagination and alternative scenarios expand your thought and reasoning processes, and researchers believe that settling your brain to idle is a great way to reset it. If you are starting to drag during the day or enter a fog, take a few minutes and let your brain wander away. It could be leading you to a clear headspace with lots of potential.
  3. Doodling: If you are the kind that can’t sit still during meetings, phone calls, or when watching a movie, you may have passive learning tendencies. The need to do something, such as doodling, can make it easier for you to focus, especially when you are trying to absorb information. Studies show that doodling helps sync the body and mind, improving an individual’s cognitive abilities. Doodling helps the brain avoid a thinking loop, where it dwells on the same idea over and over.
  4. Binge-Watching: In light of all the time that people have spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will probably find a lot of critics for binge-watching. However, there are many who find that they are more motivated to get all their work done during the week or at night so they can have an entire afternoon to catch up on a specific show. Having hours of uninterrupted time is a strong motivator for avoiding procrastination during the week. Some would also argue that binge-watching has a negative impact on your weight, but with a product like Ultra Burn, you can still burn through fat and calories while you are sitting down. You can always use your time with Netflix to fold laundry, pay bills, doodle, or simply snuggle up to your significant other and getting your groove on.

You don’t have to completely abandon all activities or physical functions on National Lazy Day, but you can definitely afford to spend some time doing less. If think about the long-term effects that any of these four areas have on your quality of life, it is well worth spending a few hours doing nothing.

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