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Top 7 Vegetables for Weight Loss

<p>Top 7 Vegetables for Weight Loss</p>
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It is no secret that eating healthy will help you lose weight, nor is it a secret that vegetables are a major part of that healthy diet. But interestingly enough, some vegetables are actually boosters to your weight loss. Instead of going for the same old veggies, try some of these organic vegetable goodness that will boost your weight loss while keeping your diet balanced.

Weight Loss Vegetable #1 - Peppers

It is often said that hot peppers can help you burn calories faster, but there's no need to stress your palette. Mild peppers can do the exact same thing. Peppers contain dihydrocapsiate, a compound that boosts the metabolism. Red and green peppers also contain a lot of vitamin c, which helps boost weight loss and your immune system.  You can throw in some red or green peppers into your diet in the easiest of ways. Add them to tacos, pasta, salads or omelets. Bell peppers are also a good metabolism boosting snack dipped in some hummus.

Weight Loss Vegetable #2 - Cucumber

This simple veggie is a great one for weight loss. It is filling but because it is mostly water it is low calorie and boosts weight loss. You may think that cucumbers are a boring vegetable only good on salads. Not so! You can slice them up onto sandwiches, put them in omelets, grill them, and use them in just about any way you would use zucchini. (Which is also a great vegetable for weight loss, and in the same family.)

Weight Loss Vegetable #3 - Broccoli

This is one of the vegetables considered a super food. Broccoli is chock full of antioxidants that help fight off various cancers and illnesses. But it is also amazing for weight loss. This is because it contains a phytonutrient called sulforaphane that keeps your body from storing fat. It is itself a low fat, low calorie vegetable, but full of slow burning carbs that can give you long lasting energy.  Broccoli can be used in a lot of ways. You can add it to salads, omelets, and pastas. You can steam it, add a bit of low fat cheese, or dip it in some low fat low calorie veggie dip.

Weight Loss Vegetable #4 - Spinach

There's a good reason that this leafy green vegetable was chosen by Popeye. When you are working out it is the best vegetable you can eat. It is full of protein, with a serving having about the same amount of protein as a hard-boiled egg. The protein and other compounds in the spinach also help you avoid cravings, feel more full, and promote weight loss.  There are a million ways to eat spinach. Fresh spinach is best, as the canned variety has most of the nutrients cooked out of it. You can boil spinach and flavor with a bit of butter or some natural seasonings. You can eat raw spinach in salads and on sandwiches. You can also steam it and flavor it with lemon and spices.

Weight Loss Vegetable #5 - Beans

Sometimes beans are categorized  as a  vegetable even though they are legumes, so for the purposes of this article we'll call them a vegetable and consider their weight loss benefits. The best thing about beans is that they give you slow burning carbs for energy without the calories and fat, while also giving you the protein source that stops cravings, makes you feel full, and promotes weight loss. They are also an excellent source of fiber, which helps with overall weight loss as well.  There are many ways to incorporate beans into your diet. You can make black bean veggie burgers, chili, bean casseroles, stews, burritos, tacos, and nearly any other dish that uses ground beef. Beans are an excellent substitute for ground beef because you get the protein without the fat.

Weight Loss Vegetable #6 Onions

You would be amazed at what this flavorful vegetable can do! It is a great addition to any diet for someone needing to monitor cardiovascular health or blood glucose levels. For someone who is exercising routinely (or excessively) for weight loss, this means that you can get an extra boost to your health to balance out the stress put on your body by exercise. They are also low calorie and can be added to just about anything.  Try adding more onions to your diet by throwing them in eggs, potatoes, stews, chili, soups, and other vegetables. You can add them to omelets and other dishes as well. Just remember to use fresh onion, not the fake stuff you buy in a can.

Weight Loss Vegetable #7 Carrots

There is a reason that every career dieter turns to carrots first. First of all, they are an excellent source of fiber. They are low calorie and still give you energy. They help you maintain regularity and stave off fat storage. Best of all, they are the best munchy ever for a dieter.

If you are one of those absent minded eaters that eats a lot of cookies, candy or chips, carrots are a must have staple for your weight loss goals. You can sit and munch on carrot sticks to your heart's content and never worry about your calorie intake, and still feel as though you are satisfied with your snacking habits.  Just remember that the carrots are what are good for you, not necessarily what you put on them. If you are going to dip the carrots, do so in something that is also low calorie, low fat, and healthy. Hummus is a good option, as is apple sauce. Avoid veggie dips with high fat contents. Watch your labels, and remember that moderation is key when dealing with carrot toppers.

Try to incorporate several fruits and vegetables into your diet for weight loss

Of course, any vegetables are great for a weight loss plan and a well balanced diet. You should incorporate a wide variety of low fat, low calorie, high fiber  fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. The more variety you have the more likely it will be that you will stick to your diet for the long haul.

If you find yourself getting tired of the same old thing but still want to take advantage of these seven amazing vegetables, hop online and search for some recipes. You'll be amazed at how many ways you can use these vegetables separately and together in various recipes.

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