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8 Foods that Suppress Your Appetite

<p>8 Foods that Suppress Your Appetite</p>
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When trying to stick to a low calorie diet, it is not uncommon to have feelings of intense hunger. The best way to attack hunger cravings is to give in and eat something. What you eat is what is important. You have to stay within your low calorie means and eat foods approved by your diet. But, at the same time, your food choices could dictate how full you feel and how long you can go before your next meal. The main key is to stick to foods that are water based or high in fiber, or both. Here are 8 foods that will suppress your appetite while you are waiting for the next meal of the day, and these foods can significantly help you maintain a healthy weight.

Appetite Suppressing Food #1 - Almonds

Nuts in general are high fiber foods and will help fill your belly. Almonds in particular are chock full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Just a quarter cup of almonds will do your body good, and stave off hunger for several hours.

Appetite Suppressing Food #2 - Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been proven to have many benefits. It is a good source of fiber for a healthy diet, which is one reason why it works so well as an appetite suppressant. Oatmeal is also heart healthy, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

In addition, oatmeal may hold some hidden benefits for you. The fiber fills you up, of course, but there may be an added bonus. In some people, oatmeal seems to help regulate an appetite regulating hormone. This can cause the oatmeal to keep you full even longer than the average person. It is a low calorie, low carb meal that will keep you from eating throughout the morning. All it takes is a half cup of oatmeal.

Appetite Suppressing Food #3 - Coffee

While not technically a food, coffee has to be on this list. Coffee is basically free on your diet. It's just water with some beans flavoring it. As long as you don't add anything to it, you can drink as much coffee as you want without worrying about going over your low calorie diet.

At the same time, coffee is an amazing appetite suppressant. Drinking coffee throughout the day will help lower the frequency and severity of your hunger pains. You will find that you can go through many more hours without meals, and when you do eat meals you will be able to eat less and be satisfied. Just remember that caffeine can have detrimental effects on some people depending on health conditions. Use caution and only drink moderate amounts if approved by your doctor.

Appetite Suppressing Food #4 - Apples

This is the superfood that will help you control your hunger and stick to your diet. Apples are a fruit that is accepted on nearly any low calorie diet. They have both fiber and they are water based, which gives your tummy a double whammy of satisfaction. They keep you full longer, and have relatively less carbs that other fruits.

Apples hold a few other benefits as well. They contain pectin, which helps regulate blood sugar. When your blood sugar is well regulated you will not feel as hungry as often. The apples will shut down sugar spikes that make you have hunger cravings

Appetite Suppressing Food #5 - Ginger

You have probably heard about how ginger is good for an upset stomach or to improve digestion. But have you thought about how that relates to your weight management? If your digestion is working properly, you may be able to control your appetite much easier than you think. The body can survive on much less than you think, and when the digestive system is functioning properly this is much more possible. In addition, ginger works as a stimulant for the body, boosting metabolism while staving off hunger.

Appetite Suppressing Food #6 - Avocados

This is an amazing food with low calories and high in fiber. Being high in fiber it obviously helps control hunger. However, it actually contains good fats that help lower your cholesterol. Those same fats send signals to your brain telling it that it is full!

Just remember two important things. First, avocados are only good in moderation. The fats they contain are good for you, but only in small amounts. Second, avocados are healthy, but that doesn't mean that everything made with an avocado is on your diet. Guacamole, for example, is full of things other than avocados, and is generally high in fat content and packed with calories. Instead, try cutting up an avocado into a salad.

Appetite Suppressing Food #7 - Eggs

The incredible edible egg is an amazing food for dieters. It has about the same calories as a bagel (which is not allowed on most diets) so they have to be eaten in moderation. But eggs are extremely filling. Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast are more likely to go several hours without hunger, and they consume at least 300 fewer calories per day.

There are a lot of ways to eat eggs, but keep in mind that you are trying to stay on a low calorie diet. Make sure that you eat them in healthy ways. An omelet stuffed with cheese and sausage isn't going to keep you on your diet. Hard boiled eggs are a good option, fried eggs if you don't use oil or butter, or scrambled eggs are good options. Watch out for the extra calories in devilled eggs as well, which usually contain mayo and mustard

Appetite Suppressing Food #8 - Veggie Soup

Broth filled with vegetables can be extremely filling. Since most of the meal is water and fiber, the calorie content is nearly non existent. You can fill up on the stuff for a meal or sip a cup of it before meals to keep you from eating too much. The water and fiber will help you feel full for longer, and you can eat enough of it that you will mentally feel as though you had a complete meal.

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