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What Is
TB - 500

TB-500 is a synthesized peptide designed to replicate Thymosin Beta 4, a naturally occurring peptide that promotes healing and accelerates injury recovery and wound repair. As a result of TB-500 usage, workouts are more efficient, less time-consuming, and post-workout recovery is significantly easier.

Starts At $199.00
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All The Gains!

How TB - 500

TB 500 will not only help you get the best out of your workouts, it will also enhance muscle tissue repair, protect and regenerate injured cellular structures. It provides a boost to our immune system by stimulating the production of antibodies and reduces inflammation promoting joint regeneration and flexibility. All of that in one single compound!


- Anti-inflammatory properties.
- Faster recovery times and tissue rebuilding.
- Increased flexibility.
- New blood cell growth.
- Increased tissue protection against damage.
- Increased tissue, muscle and joint healing.
- No negative side effects.
The Way
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Starts At $199.00