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Your To-Do List Before Doing It

<p>Your To-Do List Before Doing It</p>
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There is something incredibly hot and wild about spontaneous sex, but if you aren’t prepared, the opportunity could turn into a disaster. Your “I need to freshen up” could either totally kill the mood or it could lead to a night of incredible pleasure, especially if you don’t have what you need to get fresh before getting dirty. Here’s your guide to getting ready, whether you are planning on a great night or you just want to be ready when the moment hits.

Take Care of Your Oral Hygiene

Your quick stop to the bathroom should have you digging in your purse for a travel-sized toothbrush and bottle of mouthwash. Bad breath will come in between talking, kissing, and even intimate post-sex cuddling. Mouth spray and mints aren’t always able to cleanse your mouth of the alcohol or dinner you had. A toothbrush can also get the unpleasant residue off your teeth, and the mouthwash can kill any germs that are still lingering around. Keep these items in your purse and store them in a small Ziplock bag to avoid leaks.

Take a Potty Break

Since you will be in the bathroom brushing your teeth, always may sure your empty before sex. Women know the importance of going to the bathroom after sex, but going before helps your body get rid of old urine in the bladder that could cause bacteria to multiply more quickly. If you struggle with urinary tract infections, be sure to urinate again within 30-60 minutes of having sex.

Bring Your Own Protection

Women's sexual health concerns involve unwanted pregnancies or being infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Never depend on someone else to provide the protection. You don’t want to stop in the middle of some hot-and-heavy making out to run to the drugstore, either. When you are in charge of your protection, you can get what you like and proactively protect your sexual health. Keep in mind that condoms have an expiration date. Condoms that are old become weak and dry, increasing the likelihood of breaking during intercourse. Non-latex natural condoms also have the shortest shelf life. Check the expiration date and set a calendar notification on your phone when it is time to replace them.

Keep the Downstairs Clean

Whether you plan on having sex or not, making sure you keep your vagina clean and healthy is important for your sex life. You don’t want discharge or odors, potentially stemming from a bacteria infection. Some perfumed soaps can be irritating, so a mild, non-perfumed soap is good to use on your perineum and vaginal areas. Many women also keep their pubic area groomed, and if it suits your preference, a Brazilian wax can take care of hair in a hurry.

Spritz or Slather on Some Help

A spritz of a sexy perfume could give you a boost of confidence as you make your way back toward the bedroom, but it can also get your partner’s senses tingling. There are some scents that can be quite a turn-off if over-applied, so tastefully apply your fragrance. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, slathering on some Scream Cream can really turn up the heat with your experience. Massaging a little onto the clitoris about 30 minutes before you plan on getting busy to increase your sensations and orgasm.

Slip Off Your Jewelry

You looked great headed into the club, but that statement necklace isn’t going to be as welcome in the bedroom. Jewelry can become a liability when things are getting hot and heavy, so taking a moment to slip off your jewelry is important. Long earrings, chunky rings, bangles, and necklaces are things that can get tangled in the hair or create scratches.

Shave Your Legs

Once again, this isn’t something that you should be trying to do in the public bathroom before you head back to your partner’s apartment. If you know you have a date night coming up, you don’t want your chance of getting lucky sabotaged by prickly leg hairs. There are many ways you can get rid of the hair, whether waxing, threading, or shaving. After you are done, use a quality moisturizer to hydrate your skin, keeping it soft and touchable for your big night.

Get Into the Mindset

Too many women let a negative self-image get in the way of enjoying themselves in bed. Spending time worrying about your looks and performance will totally kill the mood and it will keep you from experiencing great sex. Freshen up your attitude when you are in the bathroom. Be affirming with yourself and let your sexual self-confidence grow. Head into the bedroom with a body that is ripe and ready to go and a mindset that is going to enjoy every moment.


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