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The Link Between Sex and Career Success

The Link Between Sex and Career Success
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Women in the workforce are often considered disadvantaged when it comes to equality in pay and position, which is a fight that women’s rights organizations have fought for years. In addition to feeling trapped by the glass ceiling, women also complain that they are often the targets of sexual harassment and pressure in the workforce. There is a link between sex and career success, although you have to sort through the negatives and positives of sexuality in order to fully understand it.

Negative Sexual Attention in the Workplace

More recently, the Me Too movement has illuminated how many cases of sexual harassment and workplace assault go unreported by females across the globe, but also how many women deal with the aftermath of sexual abuse or manipulation each day. The latest reports show that almost eight out of ten women experience a form of sexual harassment at some point during their lifetime. For women who deal with sexual harassment in the workplace, there is a wide range of negative consequences that can impact mental and physical health, earning potential, and career limitations or interruptions. Female sexual harassment isn’t limited by age, race, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation, although these factors could instigate other forms of discrimination that include sexual components. Great care needs to be taken to improve women's sexual health in the workplace, in that females need to be protected from situations that exploit or abuse their sexuality.

Positive Sexual Attention in the Workplace

You may be thinking that your company forbids coworker relationships or that there is never a place for sex and attention in the corporate world, but this isn’t the kind of sexual attention that can bring positive workplace results. The real way to improve your career success lies with your own personal sexual health. Research shows that psychological stress can be reduced through an active and fulfilled sex life, and in turn, happy people perform better while at work. One study found that positive emotions have an effect on productivity, with happy employees experiencing a 12% strike in productivity levels over their unhappy counterparts, which tended to be about 10% less productive. As the psychological health of employees contributes to corporate productivity and performance, there is an increasing interest in building up the sexual health of employees and spouses or partners through corporately sponsored wellness programs.

Results of Sexual Dysfunction

Studies that have led the way in this movement have taken into account the number of men that suffer from erectile dysfunction and yet refuse to seek treatment. When sexual dysfunction isn’t diagnosed and treated, it can lead to a decreased health-related quality of life, which for both males and females, leads to a higher but more negative impact on workplace productivity. When the body is under stress, the hippocampus area of the brain is negatively impacted. It reduces the body’s practice of neurogenesis, or the ability to build new nervous tissue. When this happens, negative emotions like anxiety and mood disorders can take over the brain and wreak havoc with the body’s responses to negative stimuli. The act of sex works to reduce this condition, as the body releases a number of mood-boosting hormones during intercourse. Sexual activity can also improve cardio respiration, lower blood pressure, and release additional endorphins. If you are wanting to combat reduced workplace productivity, eliminating sexual dysfunction might be the place to start.

Areas of Dysfunction

In addition to causes of stress, sexual dysfunction can be caused by a number of health conditions, chronic illnesses, or emotional hang-ups. Females who experience pain during intercourse often have a reduced interest in sex because of the discomfort, creating more than just a psychological factor of dysfunction. Women, like men, can struggle with low libido, perhaps as the result of emotional disconnect within the relationship or a hormonal imbalance. Women that struggle with desire may have a secondary struggle with arousal, as one impacts the other. Medications, a poor opinion of one’s sexuality, or opportunity can impact these areas. In order to move past the physical concerns of arousal, using a product like Scream Cream can stimulate the blood flow and improve the sensations experienced during sex. The increased blood flow is what heightens the body’s response to sexual stimulation and encourages feelings of satisfaction and pleasure.

Focusing on the Right Attention

Improving your sex life doesn’t guarantee success in the corporate world, but it can have personal benefits in relation to psychological health. Females who are in tune with their sexuality and feel empowered display higher levels of self-confidence and personal motivation. Taking this attitude into the workplace has the power to impact your productivity, giving you a shot at improved career potential.


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