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The Forgotten Libido Killers

The Forgotten Libido Killers
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There are a lot of things out there that can kill a woman’s sex drive. While some factors are quite obvious, there are others that are never discussed when talking about issues with women's sexual health. Women who aren’t feeling interested in sex may not even realize why they feel this way, and it can be hard to talk to your partner about your lack of excitement when you don’t have anything to blame it on. Everyone realizes that having children, being physically ill, struggling with stress, or dealing with relationship problems will affect a female’s libido. However, uncovering the less-than-common libido killers can help you find out how to go about getting it back.

Your Psyche

You may not realize how badly your psychological issues can mess with your sex life. This is much different than simply talking about mental health issues. The way you feel about yourself, such as your self-confidence or your self-acceptance, can be a huge hindrance to feeling fulfilled sexually. For females, a poor self-image is often were issues start. While it seems that mainstream media outlets and the entertainment industries are working together in body-positive campaigns, those who are unhappy with their looks or their weight struggle to feel sexy, desirable, and beautiful. When it comes to having sex, you might prefer the lights to stay off and you jump under the blankets before your partner can see you naked. Your confidence can crush your libido, making sex more of a chore rather than a pleasurable activity that makes you feel alive and wanted. This could lead to an issue with performance anxiety and put a strain on your sexual relationship.

Your Diet

The body has certain nutrition requirements in order to function well. A poor diet can make your menstrual cycle more difficult, but it can also alter your mood and overall well-being. A lack of proper nutrition can cause acne, bloating, or muscle cramping. Loading up on junk food causes fatigue and poor energy levels. When you aren’t feeding your body what it needs, it can’t perform or respond like it supposed to. Take a look at your diet. Decrease your consumption of processed, starch foods and refined sugar. Opt for more leafy greens and colorful fruits or vegetables. Increase your protein consumption, and drink more water. If your body is feeling great, it will be more energized and in the mood for sex.

Pre-Menstrual Tension/Syndrome

For those that haven’t hit menopause, the time prior to your monthly period will have several premenstrual changes. For some, it is minor discomfort, and they aren’t phased by it at all. For others, PMT or PMS can be more severe with extremely painful cramping, back pain, or bloating. The emotional changes lead to irritability, emotional hype, anxiety, tension, and irrational behaviors. One minute you may be feeling connected to your partner, and in the next, you are ready to throw the frying pan. If you suffer from either of these conditions to the point where it interrupts the quality of your life, you should talk to your physician about potential hormone regulators or medications that can keep you on a more even-keel and physically comfortable.

Birth Control

Those who enjoy sex but want protection from pregnancy may choose birth control to prevent conception. However, there are many forms of birth control that can affect your libido levels and the ability of your body to respond to sexual stimulation. Many birth control methods, such as using an oral contraceptive, affect hormone levels, particularly testosterone. Yes, this isn’t just a hormone for the male sex drive. Women who experience a loss in testosterone will have a drop in libido. For those who use the Depo-Provera injection, the medication affects the production of estrogen. This is also needed for a healthy sex drive, but it can also create problems with painful sex and discomfort in the vagina. For those women whose bodies aren’t producing enough natural lubrication during arousal, sex can be harsh and painful. Improving the body’s response to stimulation, like through the product Scream Cream, can increase the ease of arousal and stimulation. It can enhance sensitivity in the sex organs and lead to more intense satisfaction.


There are certain prescription drugs that can impact your libido levels. Antidepressants can either be helpful or harmful to your sex drive, with Prozac being reported as a medication that significantly reduces sexual interest. Your antidepressants may help you feel better about things in life and have more energy, but you may notice that your ability to orgasm is more delayed, if it occurs at all. Blood pressure medications also ruin libido.

While this list isn’t comprehensive, it gives you a good place to start when pinpointing where your libido has gone. These situations are reversible, and with the right resources, you can get your sex drive back.


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