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The Effects of Performance Anxiety

<p>The Effects of Performance Anxiety</p>
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Men who are single tend to have pretty high confidence levels in their abilities capture attention and get a phone number. That is until you are well past your college years and have moved into your forties. By this time, things might have changed both psychologically and physically, and you don’t feel as confident as you once were. You know you are a great catch, and you have a steady job, no drama, and your presentation says you’re a knockout. In spite of all of this, you are still shying away from an attractive, potential partner. Your buddies are ragging and teasing, and yet out of embarrassment, you keep quiet. At this age, men don’t really have trouble making conversation or feeling comfortable around others. The problem is more personal, and hardly ever talked about. The hesitancy might be due to a condition of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Creating Subtle Insecurities

As they age, men will experience several changes in their bodies, but one of the most feared and potential misunderstood conditions is ED. Issues with men's sexual health often lead to a diagnosis of the condition, as an inability to get and keep an erection to provide satisfaction is considered a dysfunction. While this can happen to a man for any number of reasons, a consistent failure to produce an erection and more frequent occurrences usually indicate there is a deeper condition that needs to be addressed. Men are susceptible to emotion and environmental impact on their sex life, although it is not as frequently considered as it is with females. The timing, the location, the mood, and the partner can cause men to struggle a time or two on occasion, but this is usually resolved if the factors or variables are changed. Problems that persist need medical attention. Most men are too ashamed to say anything to their partner or friends, let alone their doctor. For this reason, much older, single men tend to shy away from new relationships when dealing with ED.

Performance Anxiety

Although it is common in men who are past forty and experiencing other aging concerns, men of all ages may be contributing to their erection difficulties through their thought patterns or lifestyle. If you have always worried about your abilities in bed, whether it be your size, pleasing your partner, or expectations of satisfaction, you may have found your link to erectile dysfunction. If you are unable to meet these expectations, it can only further weaken or dampen your excitement, arousal, and self-esteem. You may walk away with feelings of inadequacy or low self-worth. Research has shown there is a clear connection between a man’s sexual performance and his state of mind. When you allow thoughts that deal with body image, your penis size, or perceptions of manliness to crowd into your mind, you are creating an environment for performance anxiety to build up. Performance anxiety isn’t always related to sexual performance. Stress-related to issues at work, within the family, or even your finances can contribute to an unhealthy mental state.


Males are affected differently by performance anxiety, as dealing with stress and anxiety are individual processes. The body will respond in different ways as well. As it relates to ED, symptoms of performance anxiety often include a loss of interest in sex, an inability to orgasm, and premature ejaculation. Physically, your body may also have difficulty with getting and maintaining an erection, and your overall sexual desires could be lower than normal.

Finding Your Way Back

If you are tired of being let down by your sexual activities or you are feeling worthless as a man, you need to seek medical help. The good news is that ED is a treatable medical condition, and with the help of a physician, you can find hope. With a product like Mt. Everest, you can create the physical support your body needs to maintain an erection. This medication is a powerful three-in-one approach to ED that works with the physical processes of sex and the chemically-induced psychological ones. You also need to break the cycle of anxiety by letting go of expectations and accepting your body for what it is. Through the help of a therapist or psychologist, you can begin to work through these issues. It is important that you realize that areas of sexual failure are completely normal, and you are not the only man on earth that has this problem.

You shouldn’t let your body dictate your social life or your relationships. Find the courage to talk to your doctor and get back to being the catch you know you are.


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