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The Big 3: Holiday Stressors for Men

The Big 3: Holiday Stressors for Men
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With the holidays approaching, you might experience one of two primary reactions. Total stress or absolute thrill. Even though the sounds of the season are supposed to be love, joy, and peace, the festivities, crazy shopping demands, financial stresses, and family visits can do the exact opposite. There is a common assumption that men are impervious to such headaches and hassles, but the truth of the matter is that stress and holiday emotions are just experienced by women. And it isn’t all about having to deal with the mother-in-law, either. Men tend to hide their inner turmoil with holiday festivities, but the effects of depression, anxiety, and stress tend to reveal themselves in a number of ways. One of the most unpleasant is the havoc it can wreak on men's sexual health.

What Causes Stress?

Before you can figure out what to do about holiday stress and the unwanted side effects, you need to determine what about the holidays create the stress. Here are some of the common areas men struggle with during the holidays.

1. Dieting and Health

The entire season from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Years can be quite demanding. Between all of the office parties for your work, your partner’s or spouses, kid’s class parties at the school, and the social gatherings of friends, the overeating or the junk food overload can take a toll on your body. You may have random bursts of energy or total sugar crashes with lethargy and drowsiness. The physical effects of poor nutrition can affect your libido and sex drive. These irregularities in your arousal may create more concern, causing you to wonder if you suffer from ED or another unwelcome dysfunction.

2. Finances

The endless season of giving can take a toll on your wallet. Buying presents for your bosses, your kid’s teachers, your family, and your couple group can be overwhelming. No one wants to spend their holiday season cramming in overtime, but with the looming credit card bills or Christmas shopping lists, there seems to be no choice. Not only are presents the norm, but so is hosting large, dinner parties or family meals. This means your grocery bill, your electricity, and your partner's “let’s impress them” approach can create another layer of stress. Being exhausted from all the extra work or mentally crunching all the numbers can lead to anxiety, which leads to a suppressed sexual desire and ability to enjoy pleasure. Not only does this affect you, but it can impact those around you.

3. Social Obligations

The holidays are associated with bringing people together, but what if you don’t want to see certain people or you are more of an introvert? The social pressure to put on a smile or entertain family that hardly get along can create more frustration than peace. When the in-laws are staying at your house for the weekend, it can kill your mood. The invasion of your space decreased your ability to decompress from all the other areas of stress. If you are already suffering from some depression or anxiety, your desire to simply hide upstairs or stay at work longer just makes it all worse. Any resentment you may harbor at your spouse or partner for dragging you into all the social obligations can certainly impact your sex life.

Why Sex?

At a time when you are probably feeling the least interested sex, it could be the one thing that helps you cope with the pressure of the season. During sex, your body releases extra endorphins and several other hormones that can boost your mood. If you are struggling to get in the mood, consider using a product like Mt. Everest to jump start your desire and boost your energy and performance level. The exercise that you get from an exciting night in bed can also help calm you down. One study found that those who engaged in any sexual activity had decreased hikes in blood pressure when enduring a stressful event. While masturbation and nonpenetrative sex showed positive results, the greater benefit was attributed to more consistent penetrative sex. Having sex with your partner or spouse also boost the connectivity you share, which can help keep you from feeling so isolated as you attempt to deal with holiday stress.


While making time for intercourse is a huge way to decrease your stress levels throughout the holidays, there are some other things that may work to improve your mood. In the area of dieting, have a healthy snack or meal before attending a party so you aren’t so hungry or tempted while there. In the area of finances, establish a budget before the season begins and pay for things in cash in order to stick to it. Finally, family and friends can present unhealthy relationships, but setting aside expectations and accepting the people in your life for who they are may be a way to enjoy the few days you might be around them.



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