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The Benefits of Sweating It Out - Nu Image Medical®

The Benefits of Sweating It Out - Nu Image Medical®
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For centuries, cultures around the world have used saunas to promote better health. Some claim they can help with your sex drive, while others believe in the healing power that comes from sweating out toxins buried deep in the body. Naysayers claim they cause heart attacks, and some believe too much use can lead to infertility. Setting all myths and questions aside, stressed-out executives, elite athletes, hairy old men, and the average dude looking to chill find enjoyment in saunas. Turns out, there are some real health benefits from getting your sweat on.

Help With Exercise Recovery

Spending some time at the gym putting in a grueling workout might have you in desperate need of relief. A sauna could help with that. Research suggests that saunas can help delay the onset of muscle soreness, improving your post-exercise recovery. In saunas that use infrared technology, there has been some research indicating the success of the infrared to penetrate through the body to the neuromuscular system to trigger improved recovery functions. It is important to remember that all the extra water that will be coming out of your system should be replaced in order to make your hard work worth it.

Help With Blood Pressure

Many men donât know that they deal with high blood pressure, and the condition has often been called the silent killer. One in three adult Americans suffers from high blood pressure, and it increases the risk of having a stroke or developing an aneurysm. Research shows that frequent sauna use can improve how the inside layers of your blood vessels function. In one study, men who used a sauna between four to seven times a week lowered their risk of developing high blood pressure by almost 50%. For those who are reasonably fit, the mild physical stress a sauna puts on your body only serves to make your body stronger.

Help With Your Heart

Heart disease is a leading killer of males all across America, and any efforts you make to improve your cardiovascular system are well worth the time and money. Sauna sessions may not have the same impact on your heart as an aerobic workout, but studies have found that consistent use lowers your risk of dying due to cardiovascular disease. Weak heart health can impact areas of men's sexual health too, leading to problems with erections and performance. ED, perhaps the most common sexual condition aging men experience, can sometimes be a sign of cardiovascular problems. Strong blood flow is needed to create and sustain a hard erection, and if your heart isnât pumping blood as forcefully as it needs to, you may experience impotence. You can use a medication like Mt. Everest to help restore hardness to your erection, but using a sauna on a frequent basis may also lead to a reduced risk of a cardio-related condition. One sauna session has about the same physiological benefit as time spent walking.

Help With Your Sex Life

Though there is still a lot of debate over the impact of a sauna on your sex life, the other benefits that come from sauna use can improve your sexual performance. Testosterone levels are shown to become mildly elevated through sauna use, which can in turn lead to an increased libido. Using a sauna also promotes weight loss and reduces stress. The combination of higher energy levels from a healthy weight and less anxiety or distractions provides more opportunities to focus on your relationship and sex life.

Help With Aging

A sauna can be very relaxing, and when you get rid of tension in your body, it usually leads to a healthier lifestyle. In some cases, men who spent time in a sauna more than twice a week had a lower chance of developing a cognitive condition like dementia or Alzheimerâs when compared to men who only used a sauna once a week. The stimulation of increased oxygen-rich blood to the brain might be the reason for the boost against brain deterioration, but more research is needed to explore this effect. Sauna use also improves the condition of your skin, helping it release built-up wastes and toxins through opened pores. Clogged pores can damage your skin with acne or blemishes that leave dark spots as you age. The sauna opens these pores up and lets out the waste. You will also find that a sauna can help relieve the aches and pains that accompany degenerative conditions like arthritis or poor circulation.


There are a lot of reasons for taking advantage of some time in the sweatbox, all of which lead to a healthier mind and body. Just make sure to stay hydrated and avoid using alcohol if you are going to spend some time in a sauna.


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