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Take a Tech Time-Out

Take a Tech Time-Out
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Though the number keeps changing as accessibility and affordability measures are put in place, it is estimated that 88% of the U.S. population uses a personal computer, laptop, or similar device every day. Smartphones are used by 75% of the population every day, and just about 50% uses tablets each day. Keep in mind that survey respondents were adults, but there is a similar trend in childhood uses of devices and technology. There is no question that technology has permeated just about every area of our lives, powering our homes, keeping us in communication with one another, helping us conduct business, entertaining us, and giving us access to goods and services around the world.

The Danger of Dependence

Many people feel lost when they aren’t within close proximity of their favorite device, which according to recent data, is the smartphone. The condition is so commonplace and severe that it has been termed a device addiction. The dependence that individuals have developed for their phones and other devices is detrimental to a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. Relying on technology stunts interpersonal skills, promotes physical inactivity, reduces critical thinking skills, and the ability to connect within relationships. This occurs because people are so busy with their phones or devices that they aren't really present- physically or psychologically- in the moment. There are several reasons why taking a tech time-out will be good for all areas of your health

Reason #1: Stronger Relationships

A cell phone can seriously impair your relationship. You may feel connected to your partner, family member, or friends because you are always scouring their social media feeds, but it doesn’t work like that. For women, intimacy is created when quality time is spent together and feelings of closeness are obtained. You don’t truly see or feel your spouse when you are busy shopping online or checking how many ‘likes’ that last photo received. You may not realize how dependence affects areas of women's sexual health. You may be jealous over what appears to be a much better situation with your friend or neighbor’s life, keeping you from desiring your own relationship and intimacy. Your frustration could be leading to boring sex without orgasm. Though it can’t do anything for your phone addiction, Scream Cream can definitely help restore pleasure and satisfaction in your sex life. Taking a break from your devices can take care of the mental hang-ups that social media might be causing.

Reason #2: Reduced Stress

Taking a break from your electronics can help reduce your stress levels. Even if it is just for an hour, you give your brain and reasoning skills a chance to cool down and catch a breath. For many people, smartphones and devices become a way to take work home and keep up with their demanding workload. This brings the stress from work into the home, often creating relationships train, poor physical health, and unhealthy sleeping habits. There is nothing wrong with needing some extra work to stay ahead of the game, but most people work better when their minds have been given a chance to slow down and recharge. Stress can lead to other health problems, such as digestive issues, hair loss, cardiovascular concerns, and low libido.

Reason #3: Life Enjoyment

By putting your phone down for an hour or stepping away from the laptop, you have more time to enjoy the life going on around you. Freeing up an hour can mean you take a walk around the neighborhood and give yourself some much-needed exercise and downtime. Purring down the phone at dinner time means you can have a meaningful conversation with your friend, partner, or family member. Though its nice to take your device and use it to capture memories on a night out or at a party, leaving it in your purse or pocket lets you practice mindfulness. You are in the moment and using all your senses to create a long-term memory. You can taste your food or hear the sounds of nature when you aren’t distracted by your device and the constant notifications of your social media profiles. When you focus on other people's lives and things going on all around you, it can create dissatisfaction with your own situation. This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, depression, and a number of other mental health issues. By letting yourself enjoy the life you are living, you can improve your mental health, establish greater clarity of mind, and restore intimacy in relationships.


There is nothing wrong with integrating technology and digital devices into your lifestyle, but you shouldn’t let using them dominate your way of life. Try giving up your favorite device for just one hour a day and see how much more you can accomplish.


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