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Stress and Sex: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

<p>Stress and Sex: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly</p>
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Anxiety and stress are common emotional struggles in many people’s lives, and if you aren’t careful, these emotions can create more than just gray hair. The amount of stress you experience may differ from day to day, and the way you handle the stress can impact the display of symptoms. When you deal with stress every day, it can impact your libido. Low libido can impact your sex life, which can affect your relationship. Having relationship problems can add to more stress, creating a vicious cycle that is even harder to overcome.

Dealing With the Ugly

Stress can make people act in ways that aren’t typical for their personality. Stress, regardless of the reasons, causes the body to go move rapidly through a series of changes called the fight or flight response. This process often causes an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and a rapid breathing rate. The skin can grow flushed and it could trigger an outburst of anger or frustration. It could also cause tears or panic. The body’s hormones are thrown out of sync, causing a roller coaster of responses. Even when not currently in a state of panic, the long-term effects can cause you to feel disconnected or depressed, or it can cause confusion and distraction. Your sleeping habits suffer, which can lead to being overly tired and more cranky than usual. Depression and anxiety often impact eating habits as well, which can lead to a lack of nutrition and a weakened immune system. The overall effects of stress left unchecked or addressed are devastating to the body and the mind. When stress responses aren’t reversed and addressed in a healthy way, it can lead to a condition of chronic stress.

Dealing With the Bad

While both males and females can suffer from stress, women tend to experience more of an impact on the other activities that rely on emotional and mental engagement. In areas of women's sexual health, stress linked to the category of top libido killers. This is very bad for your sexual health and your relationships. Women need and desire intimacy from their partners, and among other things, the act of sex brings two people closer and provides a connection. Though it is possible to have intimacy without sex, it is much harder to have intimacy when you are dealing with stress. A lack of intimacy influences a lack of desire, just as does a lack of energy or a mind that is too preoccupied to think about making love. Self-care practices and interests are often thrown off the priority list when a person is plagued with stress, and this affects feelings of pleasure and the ability to achieve satisfaction. Even if you engage in intercourse, it is highly plausible that it isn’t fulfilling when you allow stress and anxiety to weigh on your mind.

Dealing With the Good

If you are a female struggling to manage stress levels and find enjoyment in sex, the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to get back on track. There are several ways to help lower your stress levels, and there are also things that can be done to help your sex life. There are reciprocal benefits when you work on either area.

1. Stress Management. You may not be able to remove yourself from a stressful environment, but this often the first suggestion people make for dealing with stress. It is impractical to think you can quit your job or relocate to a new neighborhood, but if those options are the fresh start you need, then take them. However, you can also practice stress management techniques to more effectively deal with stressful situations. Many people find that relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, or guided imagery are successful ways of purposely releasing stressful thoughts. Others prefer in the moment responses like breathing exercises, aromatherapy, or visualization techniques to block stress from accumulating when an adverse situation presents itself. You can also pursue counseling or therapy in order to address long-term stress responses or to develop more specific coping skills.

2. Sexual Pleasure. Experts agree that having sex is a great way to reduce stress. If this is hard to believe or even harder to get in the mood for, consider using a product like Scream Cream to help get your body excited about sex. Low libido can make it harder for your body to send the signals that respond to sexual stimulation, which can make sex uncomfortable. This cream increases blood flow to the vagina and prepares the body for sex.

For libido issues that are caused by poorly managed stress levels, the best approach is dealing with the root causes of stress. From there, you can tweak your sexual responses and stress management responses for a better sex life.


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