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Spice Up Your Lockdown Experience

Spice Up Your Lockdown Experience
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When your life is filled with changes and things don’t seem very routine or normal, it can impact your love life. Stress is a negative influence on women's sexual health, and with the country experiencing some pretty tough social distancing requirements, everyone seems affected by pandemic stress. It is normal to experience sexual lulls when things are going great in life, so it becomes even more important to proactively address your sex life when things seem out of whack. The lockdown might have you feeling bored and listless, but you don’t let your sex life get that way.

Bringing Back Hot Sex

The most passionate couples can struggle with boring sex, but it isn’t usually an instant change. Boredom happens over time, as relationships go through phases of interest, engagement, and outside pressures. Most bodies are hardwired to want to variety and adventure, which is what keeps hot sex the attraction in new relationships or the honeymoon phase. However, long-term relationships are often the opposite. They are routine and predictable. Though stability is some comfort, it can cancel out variety and curb enthusiasm. You have plenty of time during the lockdown to prioritize your relationship and spice up your sex life.

Start Sharing Your Desires

Your love life might be stalling because you and your partner have stopped communicating. It is natural for passion to slowly fade as you get wrapped up in job demands or domestic responsibilities, but this can be overcome. It will take work to communicate your needs and desires to your partner, but you must commit to it. A relationship takes two people. You could start by each sharing something new you want to try in the bedroom, then find ways to fantasize about it or encourage it through dirty talk. Staying connected like this helps keep your sex life more intimate and hopeful.

Get Spontaneous

Even though you may be working from home and life is limited, you can still get spontaneous. Rather than making your morning coffee and toasting your bread half-alert, try flirting with your partner or being suggestive in your appearance. You can also send a spontaneous sext throughout the day. Recall one of your favorite experiences or drop some hints about what you might be wearing when your partner comes home. Bringing back sexy tension and anticipation is a way to increase desire and get stimulated for your time in bed. This is an easy way to give your partner a heads up on your desires, but chances are, it will stimulate theirs.

Try Role-play

Many people save fantasizing and role play for the bedroom, but this is stifling your sexual creativity. Sex therapists recommend role-playing outside the bedroom to kick up the spice and interest. You can pretend that you are strangers meeting on a first date and flirt with each other. You can create alter-egos that share deep desires and fantasies with each other without feeling pressured or embarrassed. Role-play is a good way to open doors to new communication and ideas.

Use Resources

You may have to stay in, but the internet and mail systems are still working. Lockdown is a great time to try new toys or products in the bedroom. Vibrators have been a staple resource for many individuals, but experts recommend using them together to get the most pleasure from your sexual experience. You can also try a product like Scream Cream. This lubricant is applied to the vaginal area and works to improve sensitivity in the area for a more satisfying orgasm.  Some couples also like to watch porn together, since it can get you in the mood but also give you new ideas for positions or role-playing.

Schedule Sex

This doesn’t seem like an exciting idea, but when you are both limited in where you can go and what you can do, it might be nice to have something to look forward too. However, more than just putting it on the calendar, you can also create expectations or responsibilities for the evening. Put your partner in charge of the music playlist, while you volunteer to take care of the environment. As the time gets closer, you could leave hints or clues laying around for what to expect. By creating some anticipation and expectation, you can boost the level of excitement and desire. If you have kids in the house, planning sex makes it easier to arrange for childcare and a distraction-free environment.

Though the world might seem to be in chaos and anxiety, you can prioritize your love life and find some stability and comfort in the arms of your partner. The lockdown might seem challenging but look at it as an opportunity to work on a spicy sex life.


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