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Sex and Sleeping Better: Your Guide to Feeling Refreshed

Sex and Sleeping Better: Your Guide to Feeling Refreshed
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How well you sleep at night will definitely affect your physical and mental health. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it can zap you of your energy, reduce your productivity, tip your emotional balance, and sabotage a healthy weight. Even if you go to bed at what could be considered a normal, respectable time, you might lie awake in bed for several hours before you get into a deep REM cycle of sleep. The cure to your sleep struggles might need to start with sex, although a few other changes will undoubtedly need to be made as well.

Stay in Sync

Your body has a natural circadian rhythm or the time period for your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Getting with the program in these areas is an important strategy for improving your sleep. Sticking to a routine with your bedtime and when you wake up with help you feel more refreshed than sleeping more hours a night at different times. Changing your schedule by just an hour or two can interrupt this rhythm and have a miserable effect. Many people struggle to handle the changes in daylight savings time for this reason. To stay in sync with your pattern, get up at the same time each day and go to bed at the same time each day. Choose a time where you naturally feel tired, as this will help keep you from tossing and turning for several hours.

Keep It Dark

By controlling your exposure to light near bedtime, you can help improve your body’s melatonin production. This is a hormone that is produced by your body when it gets dark, helping to make you sleepy. You become more alert when the light is high. If you are able, try to get some bright morning sunlight into your day soon after you wake up. This can help you wake up more quickly. During the day, spend some time outside, such as on your break or during lunch, but let sunlight into your home or office as much as you can. As it gets closer toward evening, avoid bright light and screen time within one to two hours of your bedtime, and don’t read with a backlit device. Keeping your room as dark as possible will also make it easier for your body to produce what it needs for a sound night’s sleep.

Ramp Up the Sex

Now you may be thinking that an energetic and stimulating activity like sex will only serve to wake up your body and keep you from sleeping. However, the opposite is true. Having sex makes it easier for you to fall asleep. Your body released the hormone oxytocin during intercourse, which is the hormone that helps you feel more connected with your partner. It will also lower your cortisol level, which is a stress-related hormone. When you orgasm, your body releases prolactin, a hormone that will make you feel more relaxed and sleepy. Not only will you fall asleep more quickly, but your body will also be more relaxed and willing to embrace slumber.

However, the negative effects of poor sleep habits can really hurt your sex life. As aging occurs, men's sexual health is impacted by a variety of factors, with sleep deprivation or inadequate rest being one of them. Things like depression, anxiety, irritability, and low energy can all be side effects of poor sleeping habits. In turn, these can cause ED or erectile dysfunction. Although it won’t fix your sleeping problems, a product like Mt. Everest can help improve your erections and energy levels for intercourse. It can improve your satisfaction and pleasure, helping to release more of the hormones that can improve your sleep for the night. Consistently getting more sleep can help your sex drive go up.

Eat Wisely

The things you eat during the day have an equally important role in your ability to sleep well, as do the things you eat right before bedtime. You should limit your nicotine and caffeine intake from the start of the day. These products can stay in your system ad wreak havoc up to twelve hours after you consume them. Eating a big meal near dinnertime can also create digestive problems that can interrupt your ability to fall asleep quickly. Acidic or spicy foods are notorious for causing heartburn or stomach trouble. While you may be used to having a glass of wine or another alcoholic drink to help you relax, drinking before bed can actually interfere with your sleep cycle throughout the night.


Altering your lifestyle and habits can help improve your sleeping patterns. More rest means more productivity and energy throughout your day, and you can top it all off with a wild night in bed to put you right back to sleep.


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