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Separated by COVID-19? Try Virtual Dating

<p>Separated by COVID-19? Try Virtual Dating</p>
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In a world struggling to overcome social distancing challenges, digital devices have been a lifesaver. Being physically apart doesn’t mean you need to disconnect from your significant other, and there are many ways you can keep in touch and have a date even amidst these circumstances. Some of the more prominent dating apps have encouraged alternatives to meeting and socializing in person, stressing that showing you care means following the distancing guidelines. If you are single and searching, you can use apps like Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid to find a potential match with the fees waived for many of the services. It is still possible to connect with others, it just depends on how willing you are to try. If you are in a relationship but aren’t able to hang out or go on dates, you can use virtual dating to stay in the game and strengthen your connection.

Getting Past the Awkwardness

Virtual dating has many advantages if you know what you are doing. The rest of the world may be on a pause, but your love-live doesn’t have to be. Over the last few weeks, there have been noticed jumps the average amount of messages sent over dating apps like Bumble and Tinder. However, these conversations can leave users frustrated as they wait to take the relationship to the next level.  It will still be a while before you are able to meet up with your love interest in person, but there are dozens of activities that can be done remotely to kick up the relationship. It is a little awkward to switch from messaging to Facetime, but it CAN be done, and it can be done well. Here’s your guide to virtually dating your significant other during the quarantine.

Effectively Set Up a Virtual Date

It may be tempting to hit that Facetime button when you are in the middle of text messaging, but you need to put some planning into your virtual date. There may be some awkwardness as you set up a time, but there are thousands of people taking these steps to try and keep their relationship alive. Text-chatting that has been going well usually sparks the desire to see them and connect visually, so bring up the idea and ask if they would want to virtually get together. Put a day and time on the calendar that you are both comfortable with. This gives everyone time to look their best and collect their thoughts.

Look for a Natural Connection

Some fear that virtually dating doesn’t allow for a strong connection and a true sense of knowing with another person. On the contrary, having to spend time together through video calling forces you to put your undivided attention on your significant other. There are fewer distractions, and you have to really focus on what is being said and the way it is being said. When you are listening intently, you are learning about the individual for who they are rather than listening to your sexual attraction to the individual. Because of this, you may develop a stronger relationship or connection through virtual dating.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

First of all, make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to support the call and won’t accidentally leave your date hanging. You also don’t want static, lag, or blurred visual during the call. If you are living with friends or family, schedule your call when you will have the most privacy. At the very least, avoid common areas and noisy space when making your call. However, making your call from the bathroom floor is never recommended. It is best that you ask your family for some privacy or space before making such a disastrous mistake. Don’t spend the first date talking about things that incredibly personal, like a past struggle with ED or your ex-girlfriends.

Still Attempt Intimacy

When it comes to men's sexual health and performance, intimacy isn’t usually a requirement. With or without the help of Mt. Everest to create a rock-hard erection, most men don’t need to feel close and connected to get aroused. It doesn’t mean they don’t want it, but the physical separation between you and your significant other may not frustrate your ability to get aroused. However, females want and crave intimacy, even if it means you can’t physically satisfy that need during social distancing. By flirting with your significant other, complimenting them, being open about what you like about them, and tactfully revealing your desire or interest, you can form an intimate connection that bridges the distance gap.

When the global pandemic has passed and life returns to normal, you can move on to reuniting with your special someone. It might take a little bit of adjustment, but a strong connection maintained through virtual means will make your relationship that much stronger.


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