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Safe Sex During COVID-19

Safe Sex During COVID-19
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For those that have been paying close attention to the pandemic updates and the situation around the globe, it may come as no surprise that the CDC and health experts are recommending that any individual going out in public cover their face with a mask. There had been some debate about the need for facial coverings over the past few weeks, with some experts preferring people to adopt to strong hygiene practices and social distancing practices as the first lines of defense against the coronavirus. However, as people are looking for ways to get away from their homes and try to enjoy life again, many are willing to put on a mask and face the consequences.

Making America Safe Again

In the early days of fighting the virus, the healthcare industry revealed that there was a shortage of the masks needed to keep healthcare workers and responders safe from the transmission while working with those who were infected. The average consumer was asked to leave the professional-grade items and medical masks for the healthcare needs (such as the N95 masks), and in turn, a lot of homemade solutions and DIY masks have been making their big debut. Not only have these cloth masks been made and put into circulation for the American public, but many have gotten busy sewing extra masks for the healthcare workers and first responders in their community. A general consensus among citizens everywhere shows a favorable opinion of mask-wearing, even if it a homemade cloth mask. However, the top health officials, including those on the White House coronavirus task force, warn against reducing vigilance with handwashing or social distancing simply because you are wearing a mask.  While you may have to make your own mask in order to have one, these are fairly easy and can be made with common household materials.

Maintaining Social Interaction

Heading out into public with your homemade mask might be liberating, especially if you have been itching to get out of the house and back to your normal routine. However, for those who are have been missing their partners, significant others, or the overall dating scene, a mask isn’t going to be enough to protect you from the virus. A mask is only good when you are wearing it, and generally speaking, these aren’t kept in place when you are making up for lost time with kissing, cuddling, and having sex. Since the virus is a respiratory disease, any direct contact with saliva can mean you can catch the virus. Even though research hasn’t documented any presence of COVID-19 in either vaginal fluid or semen, there have been cases where the virus has been found in the feces of those infected. There is still much to learn about the virus and transmission, so social interaction- especially when it includes sex and bodily contact- should still include precautions.

Following Safe Sex Recommendations

You don’t have to give up on having sex during the pandemic, and since you don’t have many places to go right now, it actually seems like a great way to pass the time. However, there should still be extreme caution taken to prevent the spread of the virus. You can still enjoy yourself and your partner, provided you consider the circumstances. Here are key things to keep in mind.

  1. Masturbation is the safest sex you can have during COVID-19, especially when it’s just you having a good time. Rather than risking infection or transmission, keeping your sexual experience to yourself is the safest way to navigate the next few weeks. According to experts in women's sexual health, you can still achieve the same stress relief and pleasure from masturbation, especially when you use an orgasm-enhancing product like Scream Cream. Always wash your hands, and throughs clean any sex toys that use.
  2. Limiting your sexual partners to someone you live with helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. You have a better chance of knowing where your partner has been over the last few weeks when you have lived with them. For those that have sex partners outside the home or usually rely on online dating sites, your best option is to rely on video dates, chat rooms, or sexting to get aroused. You may have every intention of wearing a mask during your encounter, but the odds are high that this will not be the case and saliva or droplets will be exchanged or inhaled.


Putting on a mask is a proactive way to address your risk of being infected with COVID-19, but it isn’t foolproof. As much as you want to feel the touch and presence of your partner, it isn’t worth the potential health risks. The anticipation will continue to build, giving you a lot of pent-up energy to spend the night you are finally able to get back together.


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