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Light Up Your Sex Life With a Massage Candle

Light Up Your Sex Life With a Massage Candle
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Candles are often used to help set the stage for a romantic dinner or to help create less chaos in the midst of a power outage, but there is a much better use for a tiny flame. You can use a little bit of flicker from a massage candle to set the stage for a stimulating and sensual touch experience. Past the act of the massage itself, it cultivates a mood of intimacy and desire. With some foreplay added to the night’s agenda, you can find yourself enjoying a night of pleasure and passion in the bedroom.

Understanding Massage Candles

Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of a massage candle for intimacy and a heightened sexual experience. They first came on the market several years ago, but as couples and individuals are looking to heighten the focus on areas of women's sexual health, these candles are increasing in popularity. Rather than just using the candle to bring a bit of warm light to create a sexual or relaxing ambiance, candles are being incorporated into the bedroom to engage the senses of touch and smell to the experience. Including multiple senses during a sexual encounter heightens pleasure and fosters increased satisfaction from the occasion, much like what using the lubricant Scream Cream would do. Massage candles have different but simultaneous functions. In addition to adding light, creating ambiance, and permeating the room with a subtle fragrance, massage candles have been manufactured with cosmetic ingredients that make them safe to use as a massage oil or body moisturizer alternatives. Even though the components can be lit to produce a flame, a high-quality massage candle can melt when in contact with body temperature. It is not hot, but a comfortable and pleasing warmth.

Knowing What to Buy

The key to working with a massage candle is looking for one that is high-quality. Anything less than exceptional won’t produce the response you and your partner are looking for, but poor quality could also damage your skin or cause an allergic reaction. Here are some tips to sort out the good from the bad when shopping for massage candles.

1.     Is there a label list for ingredients? Since a massage candle is to be used on the body, the FDA is able to regulate and oversee production. The ingredients must be listed in order of the most prevalent compound in order to remain compliant with FDA regulations. If you pick up a candle that has no such ingredient list, the manufacturer isn’t worried about trying to meet FDA requirements and should be avoided.

2.     Does the label have the contact information for the manufacturer and list the net weight of the product? These two inclusion are also FDA labeling requirements. The net weight must be included on all packaging of products used on or in the body. The address and/or phone number for either the manufacturer or privately-labeled reseller must also be present on the product.

3.     How skin-safe is the fragrance? All fragrance oils are not equal, and some are not safe for use on skin. Because traditional candle makers are looking to get into the massage candle market, they may rely on their current fragrance oils that were never designed for bodily use. When looking at an independent candle-maker, ask about the oils being used in the candles. The wrong products can create skin rashes or other adverse reactions.

4.     How much fragrance has been used? Even though the label shows a fragrance that has been deemed skin-safe, the amount of the oil used in the candle may not be appropriate for skin-use. When a candle has been labeled “highly scented,” there may unsafe levels of fragrance in the candle, which could become toxic to the skin. Any claims about the effectiveness of the scent are usually a clear sign that there is too much fragrance oil in the product.

5.     How is the candle packaged? Since you need easy access to the melted lotion, you need a wide-mouthed, short container. Traditional candles and jars are often too tall and narrow to safely reach the lotion, which could create a hazard when working in the dark to cultivate the perfect mood.

6.     How does the candle feel on the skin? Always try a sample before settling on a massage candle, since you need a product that won’t leave a heavy residue or feel waxy. If this is the texture after being rubbed in, your candle may contain a high presence of traditional candle wax. A high-quality candle will have cosmetic-grade ingredients, melting into a lotion that is easily absorbed into the skin.

If you’re looking for a way to kick up your date night, consider purchasing a massage candle. This multipurpose candle can do wonder for setting the mood for a great night of intimacy.


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