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Improving Your Mental Health by Having Sex

Improving Your Mental Health by Having Sex
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Unless you have been off the grid somewhere in the wilds of the outback, you know researchers have found out that sex is good for the body. Not only does sexual contact burn calories, boost your immune system, and ease headaches, it can lower your blood pressure and keep your prostate gland strong. Before you begin celebrating, there is more good news because scientists have also discovered that sex is good for your mental health, too. Here are four ways you can help your body and your mental health by having regular sex.

1. Sex Improves the Brain

While sex is still a matter of research, recent studies are showing that your brain chemistry changes before, during, and after sexual contact. While many changes are still being researched, some recent tests indicating the brain benefits from a blood explosion during sexual climax. In fact, the areas affected by orgasm through blood surging can cover almost every brain cell. That means that during your sexual climax, you are feeding parts of your brain that would otherwise receive little or no nutrition on a regular basis. This, in turn, can improve cognitive abilities, analytical thinking, and reasoning skills. If you find yourself struggling with ED, don’t feel left out. Nu Image Medical is here to help you with a product that can assist you in getting your sex drive up to speed. It is called Mt. Everest and was created to enhance your libido, so you can have regular sex and feed your brain, too.

2. Sex Fights Stress

You may be one of those individuals that think fighting stress means falling instantly asleep after a sexual encounter, but that is not the full story. Stress is a complicated reaction by the body that impacts your psychological health and mental wellbeing during and after social interactions. When you feel stress, you could suffer from a lack of sleep, headaches, muscle tension, and even depression. If stress is allowed to build up over time, the way it can affect men's sexual health is with lethargy, anger, and sadness that can cause dissonance from partners. Sex combats the negative emotions by triggering positive chemicals in the brain that are mood enhancers. These chemicals include endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, and yes, the body does release prolactin that leads to complete relaxation. With all these positive chemicals floating around the body during and after sexual intercourse, it is no wonder sex can lower blood pressure.

3. Sex Battles Aging

The world is filled with anxiety from moment to moment that can wear you down with all the negativity if you listen to it. From tension at work to pressure to look perfect to trying to stay young, there is always something negative that battles your self-esteem. Sex fights the depression, lack of confidence, and unhappiness that social pressures present you with each day. Regular sex can also make you feel better physically, and help you look up to seven years younger than your chronological age. With the positive chemicals released through sexual contact, it is not surprising that you can feel happier, have a more positive point of view, and are more satisfied with life when you participate in regular sexual activity.

4. Sex Builds Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is difficult to understand because it has a different foundation for every individual on the planet. The basic thought is that your physiological needs cause you to want to feel good about yourself in some area of your life. That means you want to have a positive mental image of what you are capable of. Having sex is a surprising way that supports your positive self-image and can then build your self-esteem. With social and media pressure to be sexually active, if you find yourself without a partner or unable to perform as you would like to, the lack of sex can have a negative impact on your self-image. That is why products like Mt. Everest can be such a benefit in building self-esteem and can make positive sexual contact available for almost everyone.


Although it has long been known that sex has positive physical benefits for the human body, it is nice to understand there are also positive mental health advantages associated with sexual activity. By building a trusting and intimate relationship with your sexual partner, you can look younger and feel stronger. But most surprisingly, you can also feed your brain, become more cognitively aware, and fight depression with the help of sexual intercourse. Perhaps that is why researchers say physical contact is so important to the human psyche. What better physical contact is there than sex!


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