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How a Month of Just Water Can Change Your Life

How a Month of Just Water Can Change Your Life
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Water is refreshing but tasteless, perhaps one of the reasons so many people have a love/hate relationship with it. There are those who barely drink it all, and there are others who drink it exclusively. However, if you are like most people., you simply don’t drink enough of it. To be honest, it is the healthiest thing on Earth for your body, and even if you have to force yourself to do it, at a bare minimum, you should be drinking at least eight glasses (eight ounces) a day. If you really feel adventurous and are ready for a challenge, give up drinking anything but water for an entire month and see what happens. Can’t stand the suspense? Here’s a sneak peek at what may happen.

Brain Boost

Your brain is made up of about 76% water (just like most of your body). The cellular activity relies on a consistent saturation of water, and if these cells get thirty, it can lead to a sharp decline in cognitive function. Your brain has to work harder when it doesn’t the water saturation it needs, but making sure it stays extra hydrated can improve your alertness, your memory, and your focus.

Beautiful Skin

Your skin’s composition is about 30% water, so your looks depend a lot on your water. Without enough hydration, not only does your skin dry out, but the appearance of wrinkles also becomes more noticeable. If you struggle with breakouts, drinking water helps removes toxins and inflammation, eliminating the waste that impacts your skin and appearance.

Reduced Pain

By improving how much water you drink, you can also reduce any pain you may be feeling in your joints or spine. Your spinal discs and cartilage have a large water component, so keeping the right fluid balance can reduce the creaks and pains you feel in these body parts.

Stronger Heart

Heart disease is the number one killer around the world, but increasing your intake to over five glasses a day can reduce your risk in half. Your blood is primarily made of water, and when you have healthy freely-moving blood, it prevents clogged arteries and other heart problems.

Weight Loss

By only drinking water for a month, you increase your chances of shedding a lot of unwanted weight. Removing the sugary drinks from your diet will help you lose weight, but water can boost your metabolism by at least 30%. This makes it easier for you to burn calories and fat. By drinking a glass of water when you get up in the morning and before meals, you can create a feeling of fullness that will help you avoid overeating or loading up on junk food and high-calorie meals.

Satisfying Sex

You may not realize how important water is for issues of men's sexual health. Conditions of ED (erectile dysfunction) can be associated with blood flow concerns, so improving your water intake can help restore a hard erection. Using Mt. Everest can also help bring back an erection hard enough for satisfying sex, but it doesn’t hurt to give water a try. Water also transports oxygen to the brain, and a dehydrated body gets lots of stress signal sent to the rest of the body. This internal panic can really sabotage your libido and erection abilities.

Increased Immunity

Your body uses sweat and urine to help expel harmful waste and disease-causing toxins from your body. Water cleans out the different organs in your system that could be harboring agents that could potentially cause cancers. The most common organs are bladder, breast, and colon. A month of nothing but water will give your body a deep cleanse.

Fatigue Buster

You aren’t the only one to get plagued by a midday slump and sudden sense of fatigue. For many, drinking a cup of water may be the trick. Even the smallest bit of dehydration can cause tiredness or fatigue. It doesn’t matter whether you are engaging in serious exercise or just having a moment at work, continually taking a few swigs of water can prevent that afternoon dip in energy.

Regular Removal

Water is the key component of a healthy, working colon. Without enough water, your stools become dry and hardened. The bowels can become impacted and constipation can make you uncomfortable and feeling sick. Water can take care of this problem before it even starts.


Limiting your intake to just water for an entire month might sound a little boring, to begin with, but if you start looking at all of the things you can experience, there shouldn’t be any reservations. You can improve every area of your life, both the inside and out, by keeping your body well-hydrated.


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