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Getting More Than Movie Screen Love

Getting More Than Movie Screen Love
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There is are very few people who find movie-screen love in their lifetime. The reality for many people is that true love is rarely the romanticized version that comes across in blockbuster hits and highly-rated television shows. Even though you can experience the deep and real love that makes watching a chick flick intensely emotional, getting to that point doesn’t usually happen in a 90-minute storyline. It is not just women who desire movie screen love in their lives. There are a lot of men who want it too but aren’t as open in talking about their desires or feelings. The key idea is that people are looking for genuine, lasting relationships but with the same passion and excitement that they see on the screen. Rather than wandering from relationship to relationship wondering if about the potential for a future, here are some ways to distinguish between a movie-induced love fantasy or real-life potential.

1. True love doesn’t happen overnight. The number one thing to remember about relationships is that they take time to develop, cultivate, and maintain. A lot of movie plots portray a love connection that should be better categorized as infatuation. It isn’t a love that has grown over time and survived the tests of time. It seems that the more devoted and committed couples are often secondary characters, stuck in a routine and simple constant throughout the plot. The passion and fun displayed by the primary characters can still be a big part of any love story, provided you are willing to work on it.

2. The starts don’t really align and unusual phenomena aren’t secret signals of connection. It would be really exciting to have a shooting star lead you to love, but this isn’t how it works. You might have mutual friends in common and meet at a dinner party or you end in the same work conference, but nothing magical directs you to a partner. Don’t spend your life or time looking for something crazy and unique to present an opportunity to talk to someone that catches your eye. Put yourself out there, be approachable, and as they say “re-write the stars.”

3. True love has a messy side. Movie plots tend to go through phases of ups and downs, but ultimately the final scenes or moments bring the couple back to a happy ending. Life has ups and downs, but there are no guarantees of a happy ending. Your partner might be passed on a promotion or one of you loses your job. Your children may have chronic health concerns or you have to care for aging parents. Some of these ups and downs are more permanent than the scenes you often see in the movies, and the right partner will be there to love you through them without giving up. You might even have problems between the two of you that seem unconquerable, but depending on your willingness to work through them, your love story could get really messy before it becomes really beautiful.

4. Movies are sensationalized while real love is reasonable. Perhaps the reason so many people found the Fifty Shades of Gray series irresistible was the hyper-sensational love story. The hot sex, the taboo and forbidden, the luxury, the unlikely choice, and the incredible odds all fed into a storyline that seemed elusive but somehow more desirable than ever to the typical viewer or reader. It tapped into a side of romance and eroticism that few have experienced or even considered. The novels and film adaption don’t portray life and love for most of the global population. However, real love can be just as sensational, particularly in the bedroom. With products like Scream Cream, women can have the time of their lives and the sex they have long desired. While the Fifty Shades series raised some concerns about the values displayed in taking care of women's sexual health so aggressively, there is no shame in women wanting more pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom. There are products that can help this happen if you don’t want to put a “red room” in your house.

5. Movies come to end but life goes on. The love you see in the movies is always cut short by the ending. You don’t get to see their euphoric feelings of closeness and connection over the next few years. You don’t follow the couple down the winding road of life. Real love doesn’t have to have an ending, although as life brings you twists and turns, there may be an ending to your love story. As your relationship continues to grow, you discover what it takes to keep your love alive and you learn more about your partner. Long-term security and intimacy can outlast any two-hour screen-induced ecstasy.


Real love isn’t obsolete or unattainable. If you can separate fact from fiction in the story of love, you will find that you can have a big goofy grin, amazing sex life, and emotional security without the glamour of Hollywood or idyllic script.


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