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Erectile Dysfunction: The Curable and the Incurable

Erectile Dysfunction: The Curable and the Incurable
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Once you’ve realized the erection problems you’ve been experiencing aren’t just occasional off-nights, the potential for a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction might weigh on your mind. After all, the pamphlets at the doctor’s office about men's sexual health, the commercials on tv, and the things your buddies have told you have already put you on high alert that you could be losing your manhood. If you are frustrated with your sexual condition and have been having trouble with libido and erections, you do need to head to the doctor. You don’t, however, need to feel like all is lost. Men around the world suffer from ED, and there many different causes. Some of these conditions can be cured, but there are treatments available when the condition is permanent.

How to Tell if You Need Treatment

The primary symptoms of erectile dysfunction include an inability to get an erection that is hard enough for sex, difficulty with arousal, low libido, and premature ejaculation. It is common for men to have a night of poor performance here and there, but consistently struggling to keep your erection (or more than 50% of the time) indicates that something more serious might be occurring. Talking to a physician might seem embarrassing, but it is the best way to find out what’s going. There are many treatments available to help with erectile dysfunction, and what you are suffering from may be a curable condition. You will never know unless you head to the doctor.

The Reversible Causes

Not all conditions of ED are treated the same, nor are the causes for these conditions the same thing in each individual. For some, conditions can be reversed because of the external factors that are impacting erections. These could include things like medications, drug use, alcohol consumption, or smoking cigarettes. Here are these conditions, and the other conditions that can be cured, in more depth.


The side effects of many medications taken for high blood pressure, antidepressants, digestive support, and some painkillers are known to bring about erection difficulties or to lower libido. As a result, changing medication may be the way to restore your sexual functions, but also improving your health in the areas of these medications where the drug is no longer needed can also impact your condition.

Substance Abuse

The sexual self-confidence you perceive or the heightened arousal when you feel when you are intoxicated or high on drugs is not the reality of the situation. Substances like alcohol, methadone, marijuana, heroin, amphetamines, cocaine, and nicotine can make it harder for you to get and sustain an erection. These substances reduce response time, and that hinders the energetic flow of blood needed to create an erection. Vaping can lead to the same problem, so check your social habits if you are noticing a problem with your sexual abilities.

Hormone Imbalance

Through not something you can create directly, a hormone imbalance can lead to erectile dysfunction. The most common conditions include high prolactin levels, low testosterone levels, abnormal cortisol or thyroid hormone levels. BY improving or regulating the hormone levels throughout the body, many men are able to find their situations of ED reversed.

Excess Fat

Obesity, or a build-up of excess fat around the waist, is another common cause of erectile dysfunction, particularly in aging men. The body’s ability to burn fat slows down as it ages, making it harder to beat that pudge around the middle. However, being overweight can also lead to diabetes, high cholesterol, lower testosterone, and high blood pressure. All of these affect your erection abilities from a physical perspective with regard to blood flow and hormones, but the medication that you take to control these health conditions can chemically affect your erections.

Psychological Issues

Emotional and psychological issues can play a role in sexual dysfunction. The brain needs to orchestrate the physical processes of an erection, so any anxiety, fear, stress, or relationship concerns you may have could impact the signal strength. Healing these problems through counseling or therapy often restore your sexual abilities.

Treating Your Condition

In addition to correcting these areas of curable causes, you can rely on a product like Mt. Everest to help restore the blood flow and arousal needs required to get and sustain an erection. Since healing doesn’t occur overnight, using medication to encourage and stimulate your sexual functions can keep you busy while you work on your reversing some of these other conditions.

When seeking treatment for your ED, tell your doctor everything. You will get a physical evaluation to help narrow down the potential cause of the condition, but the tests and assessments will be more accurate when you are honest about your impaired abilities. Don’t forget, you can also get treatment while the healing occurs.


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