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Don't Let Your Lip Color Outshine the Real You

<p>Don't Let Your Lip Color Outshine the Real You</p>
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On July 29th, many women will boldly try a new color or brand of lipstick all for the sake of celebrating National Lipstick Day. For centuries, lipstick has represented the burning ambitions and desires of women, though lipstick symbolism has also tread into areas where connotations of witchcraft, prostitution, sexuality, or identity were assumed. Social media has quizzes that let you figure out your personality based on your choice in lip color, while simply choosing to line your lip red will scream feminine independence and equality. The glorious glow of your lips is revealing, but more than just sending a message to those you meet, you need to pay attention to the message you are sending yourself.

Choosing to Be You

It is generally said that women are more bent on seeking the approval and acceptance of others, whether it be males or their female peers. Social culture has a lot of impact in this area, especially when you look at what brands, products, colors, or styles are trending. Paying attention to your exterior presence without giving credence to who you are on the inside is equivalent to that expression “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Don’t go calling yourself a pig or labeling yourself in a negative way. The point is that though you may try hard to keep up with what everyone around you wants and expects, it is all for nothing unless you take the time to focus on your own desires, pleasure, and identity. You can’t make anyone happy until you have found happiness on your own. You can’t care for others until you have learned how to take care of yourself.

Letting Your Desires Out

The general purpose of makeup and grooming products is to create an appearance that receives positive attention. But what do you do once you get the attention? Do you know how to handle it? Do you know how to return it? Do you know how to cultivate it? These are the questions so few think of when they are standing in the mirror each morning carefully applying their eyeliner and lipstick. More importantly, once you have succeeded in landing in a relationship, are you capable of expressing the real you to your partner? Donning a dark shade of dark lip color is always a good choice when you are trying to increase your sex appeal, but you need to have a game plan that works past the first inning. You need to know what you want for your sex life to make full use of your scented berry lip balm. This is where self-care and knowing who you are on the inside is important.

Creating Sexual Wellness

To feel desirable and sexy is a goal of a makeup routine, but you can’t really deliver the total package when you are feeling empty, sad, depressed, or stressed. Your sexual health is linked to your physical and mental health, so you need to look after all three of these areas in order to deliver the goods that your lip color is screaming you have. Sexual activities can do a lot to increase your self-confidence, sense of attractiveness, and even relieve stress, but there are times when your interest in these activities just isn’t there. For many women, a decrease in libido can come from being too tired, too stressed, too frustrated with a boring sex routine, and too upset with your partner to care about intimacy. Arousal may be there, but not enough to actually get things going. Though there is no substitute for mutual desire and consent with sex, if you have found your sex drive to be MIA, you may want to consider professional help to increase sexual responses. It could be seeing a therapist or counselor for your emotional baggage, or it could be getting a prescription of PT-141 to restore libido. There are a few things you can do on your own to create a body that is sexually healthy and confident.

  1. Put a Focus on You: Whether you head out to buy a few new colors of lipstick on July 29th or you order some sexy new lingerie, shine a spotlight on your beauty and body. Get a massage and relax or head out for drinks with the girls. Take some time to appreciate your body and accept it.
  2. Put a Focus on Communication: Don’t leave it up to your partner to interpret what message your shade of lipstick carries. If you are in the mood and feeling rambunctious in bed, speak out. If you are struggling with a conflict that happened at work, talk to someone about your feelings and how to handle the situation. Letting things bottle up inside, whether good or bad, will only put a damper on your emotional, mental, and sexual wellness.

You can take the upcoming lipstick holiday to clean out old, dry tubes of color and replace them with vibrant new shades. Just remember, it doesn’t matter what interest and effort you make on your appearance if you don’t spend the time making sure the real you is represented.

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