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Do You Need Sex Therapy?

<p>Do You Need Sex Therapy?</p>
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Talking about sex is something that is usually done between a partner or spouse, although some have it helpful to talk about their relationship with a sex therapist. Much like a counselor or psychologist would do, sex therapy as talking therapy that explores and addresses the psychological, medical, personal, or couples-related factors that are getting in the way of sexual satisfaction. Females are generally more open to meeting with a therapist or counselor over such intimate information, but working with a sex therapist is strongly recommended for dealing with men's sexual health.

The Areas of Concern

As men age, one of the most pressing issues plaguing their sex life is erectile dysfunction. When suffering from ED, men aren’t able to maintain a hard erection, and they may experience problems with arousal and overall performance. While this is a medical condition that needs to be treated, the emotional and mental effects that it can have within the relationship and in the man, himself, can be devastating. There are treatments and supplements, like Mt. Everest, that can help with the physical performance challenges, but a happy marriage between physical and psychological factors needs to occur. This is where sex therapy can be beneficial. The overall goal of a visit with a sex therapist is to help individuals or couples move past any emotional and physical conditions that are deterring a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Suffering in Silence

The statistics are clear when it comes to those who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Around 31% of men claim to have experienced some dysfunction throughout their life, but when you factor in the number of men that suffer but haven’t received a formal diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, the number is actually much higher. Common symptoms of dysfunction include:

  • Low libido
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of sexual appetite or interest
  • Low confidence
  • Slow or little response to sexual stimulation
  • Depressing sexual thoughts
  • Inability to control sexual behaviors
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Undesired sexual fetishes

It is natural to desire a fulfilling sex life, and your body, both physically and emotionally, will recognize when this need isn’t being met. This concern should lead you to seek help, and sex therapy can help you work through the individual challenges that might be keeping a healthy sex life from happening.

What to Expect

As common with any psychotherapy, sex therapy will have you talk through your feeling, worries, and experiences in order to help treat the condition. With the help of the therapist, you will develop coping mechanisms that can help improve your body’s responses to negative triggers impacting your sex life. The first appointments will be spent with either you and your partner or you alone talking about the concerns. Your therapist is a neutral, safe sounding board. They will not take sides or place blame on a partner. They aren’t there to show you have to have sex either. Therapy is about pushing you to manage and accept the concerns that are impacting your sexual activity. It is a supportive, but education environment designed to bring out the best in you.

Areas of Growth

Through the comfort and privacy of your therapist`s office, you can find hope for the future of your sex life. Most therapists will assign homework or tasks to work on between appointments that address the areas of dysfunction. If the therapist suspects that there may be a physical condition contributing to the sexual concerns, they may recommend that you be seen by a medical doctor. The doctor and the therapist may consult with each other about your signs and symptoms to the best course of action to addressing the problem.

Knowing Your Need

If you aren`t sure about your need for a sex therapist, consider the quality of your sex life and the impact your emotional health might be having on it. If you are experiencing trouble with intimacy or are having difficulty communicating with your partner, your sexual health and satisfaction may be suffering. A sex therapist could be the place the start find healing. When you look for a sex therapist, you will want one that is certified. This could be a psychologist, licensed psychiatrist, marriage and family therapist, or clinical social worker.


Improving your sexual activity and performance can bring emotional and physical benefits to your health. Having sex can lower your stress levels, and improve your blood pressure. For men looking to keep fit, vigorous sex can help burn calories. The average man burns at least 100 calories per occurrence depending on how long it lasts. It can also help you sleep better. With these being only a few of the reasons that sex can help your overall life, you shouldn`t wait to seek help if something is amiss. Speak to your partner or a physician if you feel that your concerns need further attention.


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