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Annoyance or Dysfunction?

Annoyance or Dysfunction?
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While some males tend to place an emphasis on physical fitness and nutrition as ways to stay healthy, an important part of total body wellness includes a focus on men's sexual health issues. It doesn’t matter what the age, the sexual orientation, or the physique, sexual health says a lot about the rest of the body. Whenever problems exist with erections, arousal, or ejaculations, it could a sign that a more serious health condition exists beyond just sexual organ function. Truth be told, it is very common for men to have sexual problems through their life, and the sooner they are recognized, the more quickly treatment can be given.

Take a Sexual Assessment

Looking at your sexual performance in the past or even your current situation, think about the ups and downs you experience. You may be able to track your nights of poor performance to a long day of work that left you stressed or too much exercise at the gym that left you exhausted. There are lots of environmental factors that can impact your desire and performance, but usually, these are minor annoyances that are corrected when the situation changes. Your relationship situation might be experiencing some challenges, maybe with kids or finances causing stress or communication issues. Although sex can be used to increase intimacy in relationships, it can also be one of the first things that may suffer when the relationship is struggling. Though these situations are more of an annoyance, they could turn into a more serious and longer-lasting condition of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Defining Dysfunction

Although the definition of sexual dysfunction is a person’s inability to have a satisfactory sexual relationship, there is a lot of room for interpretation into what is deemed satisfactory.  A more specific condition of erectile dysfunction addresses the inability of men to get or sustain an erection that is strong enough for sexual activity and is able to produce satisfaction. A condition of ED will impact the quality of your sex life and physical health, but there is a reciprocal impact of your body’s physical health on your sex life. Dysfunction that occurs during sexual activity can interrupt the pathways between the hormones and neurons that stimulate sexual desire. Inadequate blood flow, restricted blood vessels, and nerve impairments affect the mechanics of the penis in developing and sustaining an erection. These functions all stem from bodily organs, which by themselves, can be impacted by conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, or things like Parkinson’s disease. Because the links between sexual health and male physical health, and concerns with sexual activity or changes should be mentioned to your physician and evaluated.

Diagnosing Dysfunction

A condition of ED is the most commonly understood sexual problem in men, but there are other dysfunctions involving libido, orgasm, and ejaculation. Though they are separate conditions, two or more disorders could be experienced at the same time. The first way to get to the root of dysfunction is through a detailed medical, psychological, and sexual history. You may not feel comfortable telling a physician this information, but the alternative (suffering from a treatable condition) seems worse. Don’t feel ashamed, shy, or like you are the only one with these problems. It will take having the right information to have your condition properly treated. After hearing your medical history, you will be subjected to a thorough physical exam. Keep in mind that your sexual health is impacted by the rest of your body. You may also need to complete a nocturnal tumescence test to check on nocturnal erections, as well as a test for penile blood vessel functions.

Treating Dysfunction

Fortunately, there are many treatments available for ED. One popular medication is Mt. Everest, a pill that addresses both the physical and emotional hang-ups that can get in the way of a strong and lasting erection. The medication improves the flow of blood into the penis, while also increasing the ability of the body and muscles to relax, creating an erection that can produce satisfying results. More serious cases of ED or dysfunction can be treated through penile pumps and implants that create the erection needed for sex. For the psychological factors that impact your desire or comfort with sexual activity, such as a lack of trust in a relationship, body image, or performance anxiety, meeting with a therapist can create a way to move past these issues. Those with health conditions like obesity, diabetes, or high cholesterol, lifestyle changes are recommended to improve your physical health and ultimately, your sexual health.


The key to moving past or treating sexual dysfunctions is seeking help. Don’t be afraid to open up to your partner or your physician, as you could be avoiding a simple solution to a common male problem.


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