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6 Ways Men Can Show They Care

6 Ways Men Can Show They Care
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As a guy, it might be difficult to express your feelings for someone you really care about it. Men are often stereotyped as being stingy with compliments and unemotional in relationships, but this isn’t always true. Guys can have a lot of great things to say but may get shy or embarrassed about sharing them. For some men, it is much easier to show someone that they care rather than writing a love letter. If this is how you feel, here are some great ways to show that special someone just how you feel.

Be a Good Listener

Though it seems like a simple trick, paying close attention to your partner’s stories, fears, or ramblings can be one of the best ways to show you care. Being a good listener is about hearing what is said and feeling it as well. Your partner may not come right out and say she is stressed or anxious, but her body language and tone might indicate that she needs some extra attention. Being a good listener also means you won’t judge or criticize whatever your partner is confessing or discussing, just like you wouldn’t laugh or brush off a serious concern that she is facing. Active listening and the appropriate response can demonstrate how much you care.

Show Up

Spending time with your partner or spouse shouldn’t have to be a chore. You may have a busy work schedule or a standing guy’s night out each week, but taking time out for your partner demonstrates that you want to be with them and enjoy their company. Put your partner on the priority list, proving that the relationship is important. Even if it’s visiting her family or going to a work party, be mentally engaged and present. Don’t just be the man that sits in the room. Show up and be fully active in the situation or conversation.

Be Honest

Trust is very important in relationships, and this cultivated through open and honest communication. There are things that you will need to tell your partner that may be painful or embarrassing, but this is a crucial step in showing how much you care. One thing that many men fail to discuss with their partners is issues of men's sexual health. It is common for men to struggle with issues of ED (erectile dysfunction), but too often they are too embarrassed to their mate or spouse that something is wrong. This is unfair to your partner. Suffering from a medical condition and hiding it may lead to feelings of rejection, which is the complete opposite of showing someone that you care.

Be Random

Actions speak louder than words, and you can fill your partner’s life with random acts of kindness. Though many men think it’s the big diamond or the concert tickets that attract attention, it’s the little things that show love and care in a relationship. Going out of your way to pick out her favorite movie, stop and grab her favorite candy bar, preparing a bubble bath, or cleaning up the dirty dishes are fool-proof ways to say you care. Try new things and keep her on her toes.

Rock the Bed

Intimacy is a huge part of a caring relationship, but it doesn’t always have to be soft and sweet. A spicy sex life can be doing what she wants in bed, rather than just thinking about what you need. Pay close attention to her body, and you will find out what she likes and what she wants. She may be too shy to share, but playing to her desires and expecting nothing in return shows that you are in this relationship for the long haul. If you are worried that your struggles with dysfunction may interrupt a good time, you can use a medication like Mt. Everest to restore a hard erection that will last long enough for her pleasure.

Be Positive

Sometimes, all it takes is a happy, upbeat outlook to share that you are the right guy. Be enthusiastic over each opportunity and success your partner faces, cheering her one and be the support system that she needs. Demonstrating how much you believe in her goals and dreams reveals that you truly want the best for her. Don’t demean her efforts, and only offer advice when she seek it out or it will be meaningful. Be positive and engaged no matter the situation.

Demonstrating you care might take a little bit more work than just opening your mouth or writing a note, but these small acts can go a long way with your significant other. Try of few of these ideas and become the man of her dreams.


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