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5 Tips for a Great Catch

5 Tips for a Great Catch
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Even with all of the social attention on female empowerment, you might feel out of place being single. Regardless of what the culture is saying about making it on your own and fighting for equality, some people find satisfaction and security knowing they are in a committed relationship. This doesn’t mean you are codependent or weak. It simply means that you are in touch with your emotional health and you have chosen to embrace those needs. However, in spite of your deep desires for a mate or a partner, you may feel like you have the worst luck when it comes to dating and relationships. You may throw people off the scent with your “single and loving it” t-shirt, but you are really searching for someone to help make your day, and potentially the rest of your life, so much better.

Females send signals wherever they go, whether they realize it or not. From a hairstyle to a color of lipstick or a certain glance, your presentation and your body language send a message loud and clear to those around you. In the area of relationships, your single status on social media could be the direct result of the message you are sending. To help you find some direction with your love life, check out these tips for mastering the art of communication.

1. Be Approachable

Your body language can be sending subtle (or not so subtle) messages about your level of interest and attraction to another. If you sat around with your arms outstretched, it could invite a lot of hugs, but it would also send off major weird vibes. Instead, position your body in such a way that sends a subtle point in the direction of your intended target. Think of the typical bar scene from any chick flick. Someone is causally leaned up against the wall but with a body pointed in the direction of the attraction. This sends a strong signal of openness but with a focus on a specific individual. Tossing your hair or leaning into a conversation can do the same thing, but if you want to get noticed from across the room, more obvious signs of approachability may be needed.

2. Be Accessible

Shy or not, you can’t hang out in the corner of a busy room and expect to get a lot of attention. Where you place yourself within a room will tell those around you how serious you are about engaging with people in the room. Find a spot where others can easily join you without feeling obvious. Don’t sit with your back to the crowd or with your face away from where all the action is. This tells others that you aren’t really feeling the vibes. You will easily get overlooked and end up going home alone.

3. Make the First Move

It not about getting a phone number or ending up with a killer first date. The first move is all about body language. Making eye contact has everything to do with connection. The directed attention that pulls someone over is compelling. This isn’t just important for initial meetings. Think of the effect this communication has in the bedroom. The intimacy levels skyrocket when you feel that strong connection that moves beyond physical needs.

4. Be Desirable

More recently, there has been some debate about consensual sex and the expectations of both male and female behaviors. However, looking and feeling desirable is an emotional component that works hand in hand with other areas of women's sexual health. There is nothing wrong with looking or feeling sexy. In fact, it is empowering and can be used successfully to help deliver the relationship you are wanting. Creating intense desire can help stimulate and fuel the sexual component of your relationship. If you tend to be shy and need some help embracing your pleasurable and wild side, a pleasure enhancing product like Scream Cream might be just the thing you need.

5. Be Direct

Whether you need to inform someone that you are not interested or that you are ready for more, being direct is the best policy. Your body might have one way of thinking, but the ability you have to control what you say and how you say it makes a difference. By being yourself you send the best message, but you may have to tame down where that message is going. Your self-confidence will be displayed when you are comfortable with being yourself, yet careful about who you choose to share yourself with.

If you are unhappy about being single, don’t lose hope. There are still plenty of fish in the sea, as they say, and with these tips, you can find the one that best compliments who you are.


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