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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Sex

<p>5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Sex</p>
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Let's get real about sex. It's mysterious and thrilling, but there is so much misinformation out there about what a healthy and realistic sexual relationship looks like. The good news is, knowledge really is power, so replacing these common misconceptions about sex with empowering truths can totally transform your sex life. Most people get these five things wrong when it comes to sex, but a little education can help you get it right.

1. Spontaneous Sex is the Most Exciting and Satisfying.

We've all seen those romantic scenes in movies where two impatient lovers tear each other's clothes off and engage in some seriously passionate (and very quick) lovemaking. While this can happen on occasion, it's pretty rare, and most people get a lot more satisfaction out of planned and intentional sex. Why? First of all, anticipation goes a long way in making every touch exciting, so if you know it's coming, you've got plenty of time to get your mind and body ready. But more importantly, most people in committed relationships struggle to find enough time for regular sex because life is just busy. Making it a priority speaks volumes about how you value your partner and your relationship. That kind of commitment can deepen the connection you form through sex, making it much more satisfying. As an added bonus, you'll have the opportunity to dream up new ideas to keep things fresh and thrilling in the bedroom.

2. The Clitoris is Pretty Small, and Women Can Orgasm Without It.

There is a lot of constant and changing research about the female reproductive system, and the clitoris has been wildly misunderstood for way too long. While only a small portion of the clitoris may be exposed on your body, the organ actually covers a lot of ground internally. And while many people believe a vaginal orgasm is caused by hitting the mythological and ever-elusive g-spot, it's actually a result of stimulating an internal portion of the clitoris. Whether it's through direct or indirect contact, clitoral stimulation is required for every female orgasm.

3. A Drop in Libido and Sexual Satisfaction is Normal For Women.

Technically, this is true. As women age, they experience a natural hormonal change that makes it much more difficult to get in the mood, stay in the mood and even achieve sexual climax. But this is not a permanent sentence that women should simply accept as a part of life. There are actually many ways women can (and should!) improve their sexual health and experiences. Some women may benefit from hormone therapies and products like Scream Cream to help them enjoy truly exciting sex again. Talk to a professional if you're experiencing any changes in sex to get the help you need to desire and experience fulfilling sex on a regular basis.

4. You Can Achieve Sexual Satisfaction Without Exploring Your Own Body.

Yes, it is totally possible for your partner to make you feel great without a single bit of coaching from you. But if you really want great sex, you should take the time to explore your own body and find out what excites and satisfies you. Masturbation can seem a bit taboo, especially for committed couples. But frequent communication is the key to every relationship, especially a sexual one. Remember, your body is constantly changing, so what once felt amazing can become just so-so over time. Whether you do it privately or in the presence of your lover, take the time to explore your body and be open with your partner about your physical needs.

5. Men Enjoy Sex More Than Women Do.

There's something in the male genetic makeup that keeps them craving sex more frequently over a longer period of time than their female counterparts; it's called testosterone. But, just as women experience hormonal changes as they age, so do men, and drops in testosterone later in life can result in low libido. Thankfully, it's very treatable. But your gender has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of pleasure you derive from sex. While research has shown that most men do think about sex more often, there is no evidence that men enjoy it more. Women who communicate openly, seek help when needed and are willing to commit to their personal well-being can enjoy sex just as much as their male counterparts, if not more.


Education and experience can help bust some seriously wrong and damaging myths about sex. It really is different for every person and couple, so throw out those unrealistic expectations and open yourself up to better sex at any stage of life.

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