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5 Ingenious Ways to Destress

5 Ingenious Ways to Destress
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Stress can wreak havoc on your body, upsetting normal functions of the immune response, cardiovascular health, and areas of men’s and women's sexual health. Jobs, family, finances, traffic, illness, politics, sports, or just about anything can lead to stress and anxiety, and though there are healthy responses to stress, many people don’t deal with it well. The build-up of stress is what leads to poor physical health. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to relieve the tension within and put that pent-up energy to good use.


According to research, over six million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder, which often involves feelings of stress that can’t be overcome. One of the newest products on the market to address stress and anxiety is CBD. As an oil, it is derived from hemp plant extract and mixed with carrier oils and scents. It is considered an essential oil because of its form, but you can also find CBD in a supplement form, like a chocolate bar. CBD interacts with more than 65 areas of the body, though it relieves chronic stress by regulating the endocannabinoid system that gets out of balance from the overload of stress hormones. You can find CBD in topical products like creams or lotions, edible gummies or candies, or as incense that can be burned.

Try Sex

Stress can keep you from having a healthy sex life, but it can also be a way to relieve stress. Intercourse can be a form of light exercise, which improves blood flow and strengthens your blood pressure. More importantly, sex triggers the release of mood-boosting endorphins and hormones, bringing your mental state back into balance. It can be hard to get in the mood for sex when your mind and body don’t really feel like it. To help get things going, use a product like Scream Cream to encourage your body’s natural responses and heighten your sensations during intercourse. A more powerful orgasm will do wonders for relieving the stress you’ve harbored inside. It will also help you sleep better, which is an effective way to reduce the fatigue and lack of energy that comes from chronic stress.

Start an Herb Garden

Though spring is quickly moving into summer, you aren’t too late to start an herb garden. You may not feel like getting all hot and sweaty outside, but an indoor garden is a perfect way to destress that offers some neat benefits. There are plants called nervine herbs which produce a relaxing and calming effect on both the planter and those that come into contact with the aromas and flavors. Giving yourself something to nurture and work with is also a productive way to divert energy away from just being bottle up inside. Herb gardens that contain catnip, tulsi basil, lemon balm, or chamomile can do wonders for your tension level, but planting herbs like mint, peppermint, or parsley will bring amazing taste to your kitchen table.

Take a Dance Class 

Even if you don’t have any rhythm, you should try a dance class to destress. You could sign up with your bestie or take your partner with you for a new twist on date night. It could be something as out there as a polka class or you could try to get sexy with Latin dance. If you are really feeling brave, try a belly dancing class. Not only is dancing great exercise, embracing a rhythmic activity can help re-ground your mental state. Connecting your head to your body in repetitive moments brings things back into focus and give you a sense of control. This grounding experience will elevate your mood, reduce inflammation, decrease your emotional stress, and give your immune system a boost. If you are too embarrassed or shy to be seen dancing in public, there are a lot of dance games for video game consoles and Youtube videos that can give you some needed encouragement or instruction.

Go on a Staycation

Work and domestic priorities are often the biggest culprits for introducing stress into our lives. You may not be able to head off to the beach or your happy place each weekend, but you can still disconnect from these toxic environments and give yourself a chance to recharge. Staycations are all about exploring the world around you but from the perspective of a vacation. Find a bed and breakfast or Airbnb in your town to rent for the weekend, then explore some antique shops or upscale boutiques for the afternoon. Look for a hiking trail at a nearby park and spend the day out in nature. Bring a picnic lunch and just enjoy the fresh air. Putting yourself physically in a new environment can help your mind clear out the stressful cobwebs that are holding you back.


Don’t let stress and anxiety get the best of you. Find outlets that help you re-center your emotions and thoughts. It will make a world of difference with your mental, sexual, and physical health.


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