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5 Changes to Make in Your Sex Life

5 Changes to Make in Your Sex Life
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Looking to improve your health in the coming year? Consider giving more attention to your sex life. Research has found that you can boost your immune system and improve your heart health with frequent sexual activity, but you can also enjoy psychological benefits from great sex as well. Though this may sound like a win-win, there are many women who aren’t always in the mood for sex or who don’t desire more intimacy with their partner. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, this is fairly common. However, if your current sexual status is disinterested because of the boring and lack-luster routine you and your partner engage in, there is hope for change.

Establishing Your Libido

It is normal for females to experience a fluctuation in their sexual desire, as there are often external issues that influence libido. Women's sexual health isn’t just about the physical but also the emotional and mental connections that exist. Low libido is often a sign that something may be amiss physically, but it could also stem from an emotional disconnect with a partner, feelings of insecurity or poor body image, or mental health influences like depression or anxiety. To restore these barriers to great sex and energize your libido, try working through these areas.

1. Discover Yourself

Before you can expect your partner to give you what you want or need in the bedroom, you first need to be in touch with who you are and what you like. In this aspect, sex experts recommend masturbation to help you discover what stimulation you need, what feels good, how to become more aroused, and what positions are the most satisfying for you. Once you know these areas, you need to be able to confidently share them with your partner. It isn’t about criticizing what has been done but offering ways to improve your experience together. You can share your needs or you can show what you would like, guiding your partner through different positions or movements and using stimulating language.

2. Have the Right Products

If your concerns with sex deal with discomfort, it could be that you need to rely on the help of a product like Scream Cream to bring the necessary physical functions to the bedroom. As you begin to work on your arousal and libido, your body will respond through increased blood flow to the genitals and the release of hormones that help lubricate and open your body to accept sex. Sexual tools like lubricants and tools can help foster the body’s natural responses to arousal, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Adopt the Right Mindset

There is a lot of noise and chaos in the world that can drown out your need for pleasure and satisfaction. While it is normal to be distracted, it is unhealthy to let stress and busyness keep you from enjoying sex. In order to be in a place where your body can experience full arousal and orgasm, you need to adopt a mindset of focus and restfulness. Give yourself the tools you need to relax and tune out the noise of life. Meditation has been shown to be effective at reducing the clamor that often keeps women from enjoying their sexual experience to the fullest.

4. Establish Your Image

By improving the way you think about yourself, you will be able to display more sexual self-confidence. Women who don’t feel good about their bodies are often nervous or ashamed during sex, feeling unattractive or undesirable. Women who embrace their body image and establish their worth are more apt to enjoy sexual satisfaction in their experiences. Women who are physically fit or who exercise frequently often have higher perceptions of their attractiveness, but such activities also improve their energy levels. Higher energy and a more favorable perception of self often lead to increased confidence and more interest in sexual expression. However, don’t get lost in comparing your body to someone else’s or wishing away your scars or flab. Your partner thinks you are perfect, so be confident in who you are.

5. Trust Your Partner

It takes two to tango, and you aren’t going to enjoy your dance in bed if you don’t have a relationship with your partner. A lack of intimacy can keep you from wanting to get close to your partner physically, so if you want a better sex life, it may need to start with couple’s therapy.


Improving your sex life, and potentially boosting your overall health, may require more attention to both physical and emotional aspects of intercourse. Make your sex life a priority, and look for more satisfaction and pleasure in each encounter.


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