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3 Reasons to Have Holiday Sex

3 Reasons to Have Holiday Sex
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Once summer ends and the kids head back to school, everyone seems to plunge deep into holiday mode. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, and Christmas, retailers have aisles devoted to the decorations, treats, and items that you will need to make it through the holiday seasons without a hitch.

Although browsing through the shelves and the aisles in the store can usually bring a feeling of peace and joy, a more realistic view of the months of November and December would be a giant toxic waste sign that warns of emotional and physical chaos. There is much to be thankful for if you stop and look at the good things in your life, but it is really easy to forget about all of the benefits of the holiday when your house is cramped with extended family, your schedule is packed with parties, and your kitchen smoke alarm is wearing through batteries that have been silent for years. Thanksgiving kicks off the greater holiday season, and yet, it can introduce a whole new layer of stress and frustration into your life. For a time that is devoted to reflecting on the happiness and love in your life, your life may actually reveal very little action in the making love department.

The chaos of shopping, baking, and decorating can be time-consuming and tiring. Not having the time and feeling tired are two killers when it comes to your sex drive. When considering women's sexual health, stress and roller-coaster emotions are also at the top of the chart. Your sex drive has a strong relationship with your emotion and physical health, two things which can take a plunge when you are busy trying to stay afloat during the holiday season. Thanksgiving tends to be more demanding on the female, as there is the assumed responsibility of presenting the perfect dinner, baking the perfect pumpkin pie, and still managing to have enough left in the tank to tackle the Black Friday deals and crowds. This stress can cause you to forget about taking yourself, as you as so focused on taking care of your friends and family. If you really want to make it through this coming season without losing your mind or your peace and joy, consider these benefits to having sex.

1. Feel-Good Hormones

The body naturally produces the feel-good hormone known as oxytocin, but production is ramped up by an orgasm. Even though you will be hugging your family, enjoying indulgent food, and soaking in the crisp beauty of fall, nothing will give you that happy, “ooh and ahh” feeling like an intimate and satisfying moment spent in bed with your partner. If you want to add in some extra pleasure and spice, consider using Scream Cream, music, candles, and even a vibrator to get the most out of the moment. Your body- whether mentally or physically- may need some extra encouragement to shove off the chaos of the season and totally enjoy the sensations of the experience.

2. Healthy Skin

With so many parties to go to during the holidays, you may be applying extra makeup or moisturizer to help look your best. The wind chap on your lips, the runny nose from the cold going around, and the bags under your eyes might be making you feel a little self-conscious about your looks, and the extra makeup might be your first line of defense. However, if you want a fresh glowing look that can turn heads and impress, consider sex. Having sex will release several hormones, but one that is good for your entire body is called DHEA. Although it does many things, you will benefit from the boost to your immune system. It is also known to help decrease symptoms and feelings of depression, as well as giving your skin tone and texture a lift.

3. Better Sleep

With so much on your mind and schedule, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep in the days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and on into the Christmas holiday. With a sexual encounter that produces an orgasm, you will be able to relieve the exhaustion and tension in the body that might be keeping you awake at night. It’s not the physical act of sex that promotes better sleep, because masturbation can be used as well to help you rest better. For you to get the most benefit, its the hormones and body process of orgasm that does the trick.


If these three health reasons aren’t enough, consider the emotional benefits of making sex a habit during the holidays. Having sex takes you from chaos and transitions you to a place and nurture and care. It’s a process of giving and receiving, making it the perfect addition to your holiday schedule.



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