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Ways to Fight Off the Flu This Winter

<p>Ways to Fight Off the Flu This Winter</p>
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With the winter season comes the dreaded bouts of illness that seem to go around the office, the school, the book club, or the church. Germs are everywhere, and you may not realize just how many of those little bugs you are letting into your system throughout your daily routine. People know to wash their hands when leaving the restroom, but think of the door handles at the office. What about the weights and machines at the gym? The handrails on the escalator or the buttons on the elevator. The coins in your pocket. The list goes on and on, proving how easy it is to come in contact with nasty sicknesses like the stomach bug or the flu. You don’t have time to be sick, but can you avoid all those germs?

Taking the Offensive

If you’re a sports fan, you know that the best defense is a good offense. With your immunity against illness and disease, you can follow the same strategy. There is no guarantee that you can avoid something like the flu, but you can reduce the risk and minimize the severity of the sickness if you are prepared for it. Since there are several months until the flu season has officially passed, you have plenty of time to implement the following strategies.

Get the Flu Shot

The commercials and brochures come out in full force each fall or during the back to school rush, but it’s never too late to get vaccinated against influenza. There are several opinions and perspectives that may challenge vaccinations, with varying research as to the effect of vaccines on different areas of men's sexual health. Though there have been some allegations that the flu vaccine can cause problems with ED (erectile dysfunction), research has dispelled these rumors and shown that there are infinitely more complicated effects from the flu on sexual performance. If you have erection difficulty in the days following your vaccine or after having the flu, using Mt. Everest can restore the blood flow and bodily response needed to develop and maintain an erection hard enough for sex.

Wash Your Hands

While it may seem like a no-brainer, you should wash your hands properly if you are going to avoid the flu. The most effective hand washing routine starts with a clean water rinse, followed by a 20-second scrub and lather with antibacterial soap (paying attention to under the fingernails where germs hide out), then finished off with a clean water rinse. If you aren’t sure what 20 seconds looks like, every physician will tell you to sing through the happy birthday song two times. You could also practice your presentation opener and closer if you would like to stay in the moment. Whatever you do, wash your hands often, but especially after using the restroom and before eating.

Become an Introvert

During the flu season, minimizing your contact with large crowds is one way to avoid overloading your system with germs. Common sense says to stay away from sick people, but you can also proactively avoid crowded areas like the mall, sporting arenas, or the bar. If you have to make a doctor or medical appointment, try to schedule it for the first appointment on a Monday morning. The office will probably be the most germ-free, after having sat free from patients for the weekend and thoroughly cleaned.

Disinfect as You Go

Don’t think of disinfecting your office, the gym equipment, or your doorknob as the responsibility of the cleaning crew. You can discreetly use some spray or a wipe to remove germs from someone who may have coughed or sneezed on an item. The CDC recommends that frequently disinfecting any surface that is touched regularly can significantly reduce the risk of spreading germs.

Boost Your Immunity

In addition to taking care of your environment, you should also take care of your body. You can increase your body’s immunity response by raising your vitamin C intake, reducing your processed foods and refined sugar intake, and staying hydrated. Taking a probiotic each day can also help regulate your gut health and destroy any harmful germs that make their way into your system. Getting plenty of sleep gives your body time to heal and repair itself, so if you have been working long hours or are burning the candle at both ends, you are weakening your body’s ability to fight off a foreign invasion.


With your busy life, you can’t afford to come with down with a virus or the flu this winter. You can minimize the threat of germs with these proactive strategies, but if you do get sick, always seek treatment from a physician to ensure a speedy recovery.


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