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MK - 677


Increased Muscle Growth,
Strenght & Fat Loss

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MK - 677?

MK-677 is a very effective compound that safely promotes growth hormone secretion, which is paramount for the development of healthy muscles, tissue and bones.

STARTS AT $199.00

The Path
To A Leaner,
Stronger You!

HOW MK - 677

MK-677 has the ability to mimic the hormone Ghrelin, prompting the pituitary gland to trigger the release of human growth hormone. This serves as the perfect pathway to a faster lean muscle development, increased strength and exercise tolerance, and a faster fat loss rate, with little or no muscle waste. It is fast and completely safe way of enhancing body composition without any negative side effects.

Top Benefits:

  • - Increased lean muscle growth rate.
  • - Increased fat loss rate.
  • - Increased bone density.
  • - Faster recovery times and tissue rebuilding.
  • - Healthier skin and hair
  • - No negative side effects.
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Maximize your gains.
Get Twice As Ripped,
Twice As Fast.

STARTS AT $199.00


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