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Why a Failed Erection Shouldn’t Freak You Out

Why a Failed Erection Shouldn’t Freak You Out
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There is a lot of pressure in a relationship to be on your A-game at times in the bedroom, but if men around the world were going to be honest, individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and experience would have to admit to occasional erection problems. It can be a devastating blow to have your night of magic and roman interrupted by a limp noodle, and the embarrassment alone could make you want to retreat from the dating scene. Being in a committed relationship usually offers more forgiveness for erection problems, but consistent failure to perform will have a toll on that as well.

Don’t Panic, Be Proactive

There are many things that can impact men's sexual health, and isolated cases of dysfunction can be chalked up to stress, illness, timing, environments, or relationship jitters. However, when you notice that you are unable to get an erection that is strong enough for sexual activity that leads to satisfaction and it happens over and over again, you need to face the concern head-on. It might easier for you to keep making excuses while you frantically search WebMD for a self-diagnosis, but if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or ED, you are going to need professional help. Don’t be alarmed and embarrassed. Dealing with ED is common in men between the ages of 40 and 70, with some statistics reporting that half of the men in this age bracket suffer from the condition. Being able to open up about your condition with the hope of getting help should be liberating. If you aren’t familiar with the condition, here are some things to know that can help put you at ease.

1. Legitimate Problem

Your low libido and failed erections aren’t something you can just make up. Erectile dysfunction is a diagnosable medical condition that typically progresses throughout aging. An inability to achieve an erection more than 50% of the time in sexual arousal is termed ED, although the influencing factors on the condition can vary.

2. Physical Impact

It isn’t just about not feeling in the mood, although psychological factors such as stress, relationship problems, and performance anxiety can impact your ability to get an erection that is hard enough for sex. The physical problems could be related to a hormonal imbalance, issues with the nervous systems, and problems with blood flow to the penis. Because the condition can be caused by both psychological and physical factors, it is important to seek medical treatment. Physicians warn that conditions related to sexual performance and penis function are often early warning signs of a more serious underlying medical condition. Heart disease and high blood pressure are known to be causes of ED. Men with diabetes tend to suffer erection problems between 10-15 years earlier than the rest of males, with a higher risk of developing consistent erectile dysfunction problems later in life.

3. Lifestyle Factors

In addition to physical and emotional factors, things like medications can impact your sexual functions. For those that suffer from high cholesterol, statin medications are known for interrupting your erection abilities. Because this is often seen as a temporary ED condition, changing medications may be able to resolve the condition more quickly. Other medications could include antidepressants, diuretics, corticosteroids, and antihistamines.

4. Testing and Treatment

Talking to your doctor will be the first step in finding your way to a treatment plan. Based on the details and descriptions of your experiences, your doctor may order a variety of laboratory tests to determine your overall state of health. These might include a blood glucose test, urine test, blood panel, and a lipid profile. There are tests that require penile injections to determine a response that can be used in assessing the severity of the condition. Based on the results from the lab work and other tests, your physician will provide a number of treatment options. For some, it could be changing a medication or a lifetime of habits contributing to poor health. When dealing with these influencing conditions, you may be able to get a prescription for Mt. Everest. The dosing combines three of the most effective ED treatments on the market to address both the physical and potential psychological challenges that are impeding your erection abilities. Medications for erectile dysfunction start with improving the blood flow to the penis, as this is what provides the hardness needed for sex, but it also includes the mental boost with a dose of oxytocin and libido-enhancing tadalafil.

For those who are willing to speak up rather than freak out about their sexual health, there are several options for addressing erectile dysfunction. Don’t let your embarrassment, fear, or pride get in the way. Talk to a doctor about getting your erection back.


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