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Improved Health is Par for the Course

Improved Health is Par for the Course
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The month of April holds some lesser-known holidays, one of which is Golfer’s Day. On April 10th, those who enjoy the relaxing sport of golf can take a moment and reflect on the origins of the game or just use the excuse to hit the green and tee off. When it comes to playing a round of golf, either nine or eighteen holes, there is something to be said about the time outdoors, the camaraderie among fellow golfers, and the status of your clubhouse membership. However, there are several health benefits that might urge you to talk to your buddies about heading to the golf course on the upcoming holiday.

Talk About the Physical Benefits

Whatever sport you are interested in, the primary benefit is an improvement to your state of physical fitness. Though a bystander may argue that there is little physical strain on the body during a golf game, those who caddy their own swings and have an excellent backswing argue otherwise. Golf provides a moderate amount of intense physical activity, primarily from the activities of walking the green, carrying the bag, and the different swings used during the game. As with any physical activity or exercise, you improve your cardiovascular health. These activities stimulate heart rate and increase blood flow. For those who have concerns with erectile dysfunction (ED) or other areas of men's sexual health, better heart health can improve erection abilities. Though you could also get treatment for erection problems through Mt. Everest, a healthy heart reduces your risk of long-term problems. You can also improve your balance and increase your brain stimulation through your golf game. As an added bonus, if you have spectators watching your game and following you around the green, you are letting them get extra exercise in too.

Talk About Potential Weight Loss

Increasing the amount of physical activity in your life often aids in a weight management strategy. When you play all 18 holes of the course, you have the potential to get in some serious steps. Fitness trackers are trending, and many people are motivated to hit their 10,000 step goals in order to move the dial on their weight loss plans. Using golf as a weight-loss tool is only effective if you ditch the caddy and the golf cart. Sure, its fun to zip between holes and catch a breath, but you aren’t helping your waistline. You also need to avoid the club cafe or bar when you are finished.  A celebratory drink will just add those calories right back into your count.

Talk About Better Sleeping Patterns

Filling your day with calorie-burning activities like swinging and walking will set you up for a great night’s sleep. Your body will be reasonably but pleasantly fatigued, making it easier for you to fall asleep more quickly. You also increase the amount of deep sleep you will get each night. The combination of the fresh air and warm weather also helps raise the endorphin levels in your body, helping you feel more relaxed and at ease when you lay down.

Talk About Total Body Wellness

As people consider their health, there is increased attention to mental health wellness. Spending time outdoors and among the peaceful sounds of nature has a positive effect on your mental wellbeing. Exercise has a similar effect, making golf a perfect opportunity to clear your mind and promote a positive state of being. Several studies have shown the positive correlation between increased happiness and attention after spending time walking among trees and greenery. As your body exercises and your senses absorb the different aspects of the environment, your mind creates a heightened release of serotonin and endorphins in the brain. The results are improved self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and reduced feelings of anxiety. Golfers who spend their whole day working on their putting abilities are significantly reducing their mental stress. As the adage says, a healthy mind will result in a healthy body.

Talk About Social Wellness

Playing golf can be done alone, but it much more fun and stimulating when you play a game with friends or family. Business deals are often struck on the golf course, making it a perfect choice for schmoozing your next sales client. There is also a sense of unity and camaraderie among golfers, one that is generally shared regardless of the skill levels. As you improve your golf game, you are also improving your interpersonal skills, establishing self-identity, and enhancing your social connections.

As April 10th gets closer, get excited about another opportunity to improve your health. You don’t have to go to the gym and labor for hours on the treadmill or weight set. Grab your bag and head down to the country club for a more enjoyable fitness activity.


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