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What Secrets Are Your Wrinkles Revealing?

What Secrets Are Your Wrinkles Revealing?
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If you have ever been curious about the work of a palm reader, perhaps this article will interest you. Whether or not you believe in the powers of mystics or fortune-tellers, your skin shares more of your life’s secrets than you realize. In fact, the wrinkles that you display are a window into who you are as a person. Those who study the skin and the changes that occur over time will tell you that there is truth to knowing about your health based on the looks of your lines and wrinkles. If you find that a bit unsettling, it may be time to see what your skin is saying about you. After all, the skin is the largest organ the human body has, and it works like a filter between the external and internal environments it operates in.

Common Assumptions

It mostly females who fear the wrinkles, and although they represent the journey through life, the common assumption is that they signal old age. Even with moisturizers, nightly creams, and an anti-aging routine, wrinkles can’t be avoided forever. As one psychologist put it, the skin is simply a parchment that keeps a record of both the past and present, revealing the psychological state of the mind over the years. This would appear to be the truth, as the horizontal wrinkle pattern that makes up crow’s feet is generally related to the expressions of laughter, joy, and surprise. These are trademarks of a more carefree and fun-loving personality, marking or “tattooing” the face in a pleasant and respectable way.  If your skin is dull, it often sends a message of apathy and unhappiness. Skin reddening means you tend to have a sensitive personality, while dry and dehydrated skin of a woman who hasn’t hit menopause could indicate that a female has been denied expressing her sensuality. Even if you don’t believe these things to be true, you can’t deny that those who care very little for their skin aren’t really embracing self-love and acceptance. Taking care of your body is one way to show that you take a healthy sense of pride and responsibility for the gift of life that you have been given. It demonstrates self-confidence, self-control, and internal motivation to reach for your potential.

Revealing Your Health

In addition to the insight your wrinkles offer toward your personality, the most telling thing your skin reveals is your overall health. Because wrinkles are inevitable when it comes to the natural aging process, they most certainly seem to suggest how old you may be. However, you can choose to look at them from a perspective that associates the positive characteristics of wisdom, growth, natural beauty, and knowledge developed during a life well-lived. You can also see them for the warning signs they may be about your health and potential problems lurking beneath the surface. Here are six things that your skin might be trying to tell you about your health.

1. You have an increased risk of heart disease. Although strange, if either or both of your earlobes develop a diagonal wrinkle or crease, it could be a sign that you are headed for a heart-related illness or coronary heart disease. The heart muscle and ear lobe are constructed from the same genetic material, and research has shown a direct link between each body part.

2. You have brittle bones. A study at Yale discovered a link between bone mineral density and the severity of female wrinkles. Bones and skin share the same building blocks and proteins, and as aging occurs, the density changes in your skin may also be occurring in your bones.

3. You might have high blood pressure. One study revealed that younger women with less eye dropping and facial sagging had lower blood pressure numbers. Research also showed that individuals from families with a history of longevity demonstrated less skin wrinkling on their upper arms when compared to their peers.

4. You may be stressed. Many have already discovered the truth behind this predictor, as continually furrowing the brow can lead to permanent forehead wrinkles. However, the body also reduces the amount of cortisol released when stress is present, limiting the collagen that keeps the skin elastic.

5. You might consume too much sugar. Once sugar enters the body, it contains a bonding agent that attacks the protein in the body. It then breaks down the gatekeepers of skin health- collagen and elastin. This process increases the likelihood of developing wrinkles.


If you have noticed the increase in lines and wrinkles around your face, perhaps your body is sending you a message. Pay close attention, as you can treat aging or a skin condition and restore the youthfulness to your appearance.



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