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The Different types of Hormones for Men & Women & How to Balance Them

The Different types of Hormones for Men & Women & How to Balance Them
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The Different types of Hormones

Estrogen and testosterone are terms you've probably heard of, and might even know a limited amount about, from your coursework in the sciences at a young age. However, many people are not aware of how estrogen levels affect women, and testosterone levels affect men, in both positive and negative manners. Further, many people aren't aware of why it is important to ensure these levels are balanced. So, let's take a look at each of these hormones, their importance in human function, and why levels have to be balanced in the human both for both men and women.


This is the female hormone which comprises of the: ovaries, adrenal glands, and fat cells. Production levels tend to be higher during reproductive years, as it will help women who are trying to become pregnant do so, a little easier.

Why do these levels have to be balanced?

First and foremost, for reproductive reasons. Additionally, when they are balanced, the hormones help to:
- Improve and maintain good cholesterol levels.
- Help prevent bone loss.
- Reduce levels of fatigue, and help maintain healthy productivity levels in women.
This is the hormone which allows women to reproduce. In the event levels aren't balanced, there are hormone injections, oral supplements, and even creams/ointments which can be used, to help improve and promote healthy generation of the estrogen hormone. It is naturally recurring, and produced during the menstrual cycle. So, as long as women are healthy, it should produce naturally within the body.
There are also hormone therapy treatments one can undergo, to help induce and promote healthy production levels of estrogen in the body. There are also medically supervised programs, or prescription medications which a doctor can provide to women, in order to ensure optimal production, and proper levels of estrogen within their system.


Now, for the male hormones - testosterone. This is what helps drive libido, helps reduce levels of fatigue, and helps the male body function as it should. As men get older, their testosterone levels naturally begin to decrease. In men, the hormone is produced by the testicles, and to a lesser degree, the adrenal gland. Therefore, if there are issues in production, you know what form of treatment or therapies should be induced, in order to help promote the healthy levels of testosterone in the human body.

Why testosterone levels should be in balance

The obvious reason is for reproductive purposes. If men do not produce testosterone in their body, they aren't able to reproduce. However, testosterone also helps maintain healthy muscle mass, it helps reduce bad cholesterol levels, it helps ensure optimal and normal function of the organs, and it helps preserve muscle mass over time. All are things which men want to occur naturally in their system.

How to treat imbalances or low production levels

As mentioned above, father-time will eventually seep its head in, and testosterone levels and estrogen levels (in women) will naturally produce at lower frequencies. Further, some men simply can't produce testosterone naturally, whether it is because they have overdeveloped (female) organs, or other deficiencies, this can limit the production of testosterone. If this is the case, testosterone treatments are available. Medical treatment, prescription medication. OTC drugs, and other natural testosterone boosting (hormones) are available for men to use, in an effort to help increase the testosterone production levels in their system.
Depending on the reason behind the slow or low production levels, some men will be treated with prescription medication, or will receive other specialized hormone treatments, which are typically done in an office or clinical setting, to help ensure optimal production and natural, healthy levels of testosterone in their system.
Cross balance
Men have a small amount of estrogen present in their system, and women also have a small amount of testosterone present in their bodies. If you've ever noticed you act in similarly to the other sex (over-exaggeration, emotionally, etc.) this is probably the reason why. So, it is important to note that these levels are extremely low in the opposite sex, and should be properly maintained at these levels for optimal health.

A doctor or specialist can easily determine if there are deficiencies, and if so, how to go about treating them. Conversely, if these levels are over-producing in the system, a doctor specialist can also determine why, in an attempt to slow down production levels in the human body.

Treating deficiencies

As mentioned above, there are many people (both men and women) who suffer from a deficiency in hormone levels. This is natural, it is common with many people, and if it is properly treated, it is not something of dire concern which individuals should worry about. But, it is important to note if there are deficiencies, and if so, to speak with a doctor or a specialist, in order to find the best treatment option, based upon your specific situation.
No two people are alike, so no two treatments are going to be the same. In one case, a male might benefit from using a testosterone booster you buy over the counter; in the next situation, another individual may require ongoing hormone therapy treatment, in office. The same goes with women. The first thing is to determine the cause of the deficiency, how low the levels are in the individual's system, and how long they have suffered from this deficiency. This will be a guideline as to how you should go about treating it, and naturally increasing the levels of these naturally occurring hormones, which are not naturally producing in your body.
Depending on the level of deficiency, and the reason behind it, hormone imbalances can be treated in a number of ways. So, if you notice you are overly fatigued, tired, don't have energy, or are suffering from any of the above issues, it might be because you are deficient in estrogen or testosterone levels. If this is the case, there are many treatment options and solutions from which you can choose from, and the best way to determine the right treatment option, would be to discuss with a doctor or specialist in this field.

Where can I go to get my hormones checked?

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