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The 7 Best Reasons for Women to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy

The 7 Best Reasons for Women to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy
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What if you had sentenced yourself to death, all without knowing it?

It may sound horrific. But for many women who have avoided hormone replacement therapy, their very lives are now on the line.

There are many positive HRT effects. Despite this, though, many women are on the fence about whether they should get the therapy or not.

Curious if it's right for you? Keep reading to discover the seven best reasons for women to undergo hormone replacement therapy!

1. Longer Life

One of the best HRT effects is one we already mentioned. This therapy may save and even prolong your life!

According to research by Yale, the use of hormone replacement therapy has been associated with a general reduction in mortality. Their conclusion? As many as 50,000 women may have died prematurely because they did not receive hormone replacement therapy.

Research into all of the health benefits of hormone replacement therapy is ongoing. However, it may be the first step towards leading a happier and more productive life!

2. Better Sex Life

Hormone replacement therapy may do more than save your life. Would you believe that it might save your sex life as well?

One of the most notable HRT effects is that it can reduce incidents of vaginal dryness. On top of that, it can reduce other pain that is associated with sexual intercourse.

Finally, many women swear by the fact that HRT can boost their overall desire and levels of sexual arousal. While the jury is still out on this point, it's clear that HRT is a great way to make sex both easier and more pleasurable for women.

3. Reduced Hot Flashes

Perhaps the main use of hormone replacement therapy is to treat symptoms of menopause. And one of the most annoying of those symptoms is, of course, hot flashes.

These flashes can cause both discomfort and embarrassment. And, worse, they can strike at pretty much anytime!

Annoying hot flashes can hamper your productivity at work and can keep you from sleeping at night. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy may offer the solutions you need.

Simply put, HRT helps to address reduce hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. And while it cannot make these symptoms go away entirely, this is your first step towards a daily life with one less frustration to worry about.

4. The Holistic Approach

Interestingly, one reason that some women shy away from hormone replacement therapy is that they think it's unnatural. Many of them say they would prefer a treatment that is more natural for their bodies.

However, what these women don't realize is that HRT is already natural. It's possible to get HRT with bioidentical progesterone, which your body recognizes as being fully and completely natural.

On top of this, HRT fits well into a holistic treatment regimen for menopause. In this way, some of the natural remedies you employ will help address any issues that HRT does not fully cover.

5. Flexible Treatment Schedule

Another reason that some women are hesitant to start hormone replacement therapy is that they imagine it as a large commitment of time. They feel as if starting down this road might mean years and years of therapy.

For some women, that may very well be true. However, many women are able to reap longer-term benefits of HRT with only a few short months of therapy.

According to some research, you can get a range of different benefits from HRT by using it in as little as three months. This short-term usage also reduces the possibilities of risk that you may experience while using it.

Some women will still benefit from long-term treatment, and it's best to consult with your doctor about the type and length of treatment that is best for you!

6. Reduced Night Sweats

Earlier, we addressed just how annoying hot flashes can be. And one of the truly annoying side effects of hot flashes is that you may begin to experience night sweats.

This can make trying to sleep at night all but impossible. And the sweat ends up soaking into your sheets, making things difficult at night for your significant other.

However, you guessed it: it's possible for hormone replacement therapy to treat your night sweats. And this leads to a range of benefits for both you and your family.

With even a short HRT treatment regimen, you can take control of your nights once again. You'll sleep in comfort and peace--and your sheets will thank you for it!

7. Prevention of Osteoporosis

So far, we've focused primarily on how hormone replacement therapy can treat the symptoms of menopause. However, HRT can also help you deal with the symptoms of osteoporosis.

The reason for this is that a reduction in the amount of your estrogen can also cause a reduction in bone density, increasing the likelihood of osteoporosis.

The longer you go without receiving any kind of hormone replacement therapy, the worse your bone density may get. Why wait until things go completely bad before you seek the therapy that can make everything better?

Is It for Everyone?

As you can see, we're big fans of hormone replacement therapy and its many benefits. However, you should be aware that HRT is not for everyone.

For instance, many of those who are experiencing surgical menopause due to a hysterectomy will reap plenty of benefits. Others may be able to address hormonal issues through a change in diet or other lifestyle changes before they begin hormone replacement therapy.

We recommend having an honest and open dialogue with your doctor if you are considering HRT. Together, the two of you can figure out what is best for you.

HRT Effects: The Bottom Line

Now you know about the many beneficial HRT effects and how this therapy can change your life. But do you know who can help you get started?

At Nu Image Medical, we offer many pathways to a whole "nu" you. To get started with hormone replacement therapy, come enroll today!

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