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Can Peptides Deliver the Holy Grail of Youthfulness?

Can Peptides Deliver the Holy Grail of Youthfulness?
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Ancient explorers spent years of their life looking for the Fountain of Youth, and to this day, it seems that the free-flowing water of eternal beauty and vitality has been lost to the world forever. Ponce de Leon failed to find the holy grail of youthfulness, but no one seems to be complaining. In fact, the last few hundred years have shown how research, science, and medicine can work as a team to solve one of the oldest problems of man. There isn`t a person on earth who won`t experience aging. With every beat of the heart and every breath taken, the physical body experiences wear and tear that grows progressively worse as the years go by. However, eclipsing the need to find the elusive fountain is the need to find out about peptides and how the can help with an anti-aging regimen.

How They Can Help

Proteins and peptides are both amino acid polymers, although peptides are the shorter amino acid chains. The peptides that occur naturally in humans are used for inter-cellular communication. The short chains are messengers which convey directions for bodily activity, such as cell migration, regulating protein, angiogenesis, and many physiological functions that impact immunity, reproduction, growth, and emotional health. Over time, scientists and researchers were able to develop synthetic peptides, all while discovering addition natural peptides and determine more specific aspects of functionality. As studies began to deal with the convergence and interaction between both natural and synthetic peptides, new uses for the compounds began to emerge in the industries of health and beauty.

Over time, research has created the short, stable peptides that are found in many major skin cream and anti-aging products. The use of peptides in cosmetics and maintenance routines is marketed to reduce coloring of skin blemishes, remove wrinkles, and promote collagen production. They are also considered to have similar effects to a Botox injection and are both antimicrobial and antioxidative. Because there are many jobs that need to be done to help with body fight aging, topical peptides are usually classified as performing signaling, carrier, and inhibiting duties. The skin barrier has long proved a challenge for true absorption of topical peptides, but new developments are showing that change might be on the horizon.

Making Options Accessible

Just as only the few who had access to large fortune could attempt to find the Fountain of Youth, those who wish to get the most out of peptides must be willing to move past natural and easily-accessible peptides. The most effective peptide usage is considered an injection, which moves the peptide directly past the initial skin barrier and delivers cellular messages more efficiently. Those who wish to use injections must be under the care of a physician, as the synthetic injections are considered a drug. The peptides that are included in topical applications are currently wide accessible individuals who have the funds to make a purchase. New research studies are showing that the development of oral peptides for treating medical conditions and diseases will also require a physician’s care, but that the specific peptide prescription will be uniquely crafted the address the health concerns of the individual taking the medication. The more specifically a peptide is created, the closer it comes to moving from a cosmetic product to a pharmaceutical compound. While peptide developments could continue to change the way people address anti-aging and other health conditions, having to classify the bulk of peptide use under pharmaceutical regulations can keep a lot of people from being able to access the help they need.

Turning Back Nature

In order to keep peptides available for those that need them, research must continue in the field of natural peptide replacements or complementary compounds. A recent study has found that there are genes within sea urchins and sea cucumbers that directly impact the elasticity of the collagen produced within the body through messenger molecules. Sequencing these genes has become cost-effective, thanks to technology, but even more importantly, it is allowing researchers to discover peptides they had never seen before. Sea urchins also carry a peptide that maintains bone density. The hope is that studying these peptides will open new means for dealing with human problems of bone density loss and the ever-present aging sign of wrinkles.

Research Alterations


Knowing the benefits of peptides for multiple areas of health and wellness beyond evening beauty routines, researchers have continued to experiment with manipulating the structure of synthetic peptides. The way the chain of amino acids is strung together has a significant impact on how well the chain is able to move through the body or conquer barriers. The recent studies have shown a breakthrough in the search for a peptide construction that can successfully navigate past the skin barrier and complete the assigned task. The peptides can also be uniquely tweaked to improve solubility, stability, and receptor binding. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of the peptide benefits, as topical applications are evaluated by the appearance of an individual`s skin rather than data taken from cellular impact studies. However, there is no doubt that peptides play a significant role in the ability of the body to fight certain aging tendencies. The research must continue.


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