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Hair loss does not discriminate

Regardless of gender or ethnicity, hair loss is a universal problem that often causes people to feel insecure and self-conscious about their appearance. The look of premature aging leaves many people with less confidence than they had, but positive change is possible.

NuDew®, our innovative and medically-supervised hair-loss solution, may help boost your hair growth. The good news is hair loss no longer has to define you or rob you of your confidence!

Three powerful ingredients

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Unlike other over-the-counter products, NuDew® is physician-prescribed and
professionally supervised, making it superior choice for hair growth.

Maximize those folicles fellas with NuDew Max®

We’ve maximized NuDew® with the added benefits of dutasteride to form NuDew Max®, specifically for the fellas. Available in a gel application, this formulation consists of topical minoxidil, ketoconazole, finasteride plus dutasteride.

Dutasteride can help with the reduction of hair loss and even regrow some of your lost hair. NuDew Max® is packed with all the essentials needed to prevent further hair loss, while maximizing your growth potential

Benefits of NuDew® and
NuDew Max®
can include

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Safety Info