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Why It's Easier to Succeed With Hair Loss Than You Might Think

Why It's Easier to Succeed With Hair Loss Than You Might Think
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Have you noticed a few strands of hair around your shower drain recently? Are you feeling self-conscious and worried about what people might think if they noticed your thinning hair? There is no need to panic or get down on yourself. For better or worse, thousands of people across the nation bear the same burden as you when it comes to hair loss. It is our goal as Nu Image Medical to help you look, feel, and live your best through our innovative approaches to wellness and total body healing. More specifically, when dealing with hair loss, we don’t view it as a losing battle. It’s easier to succeed with hair loss when you are informed and proactive in addressing the situation.

Mild, Moderate, and Severe Cases of Hair Loss

When people speak of losing their hair, it usually falls into one of three categories. A mild case may be related to a few strands of dry or stressed hair that are seen around the shower drain. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is normal for people to lose up to 100 hairs a day. A more moderate care could be considered thinning hair. It doesn’t cause complete baldness, but it does reveal thinner spots of hair around your head. In a severe case, the end result is usually baldness. All of these cases may be related with regard to progression of loss, but the root problem is what needs to be addressed. There are a variety of causes, from genetics to the daily hair care routine and lifestyle habits.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle habits might be one of the easiest and more effective solutions to addressing potential hair loss. These are key contributors to thinning hair which can result in long term damage. Over-treating your hair with perms, color treatments, and relaxers are just a few of the things that can create damage. Extreme-hold hair sprays, temporary color gels, and styling aids can also weaken hair strands and roots. By styling your hair and pulling too tightly, you can break the hair from the follicles and create thinning spots. A diet lacking in minerals like folic acid and iron can also create weakened hair structures that are more susceptible to damage. Many people also fail to see how stress negatively impacts hair growth and health. Stress increases the production of the cortisol hormone which can kill of new hairs that are trying to grow.

Medical Considerations About Hair Loss

There are times when losing your hair can be attributed to underlying medical conditions or influences. Women commonly experience thinning hair in the weeks following the birth of a baby, when they stop taking birth control medication, or when they go through hormonal changes. Medical conditions, like being treated for an autoimmune disease, skin disorders, infection, or immune system deficiencies, are also factors that can be addressed to stop the loss. These areas of concern are often treatable and do not lead to total baldness. In severe cases of loss, a condition called alopecia may be to blame.

Taking Up the Offensive Against Hair Loss

Rather than waiting until you are humiliated and too ashamed to leave the house because of how you feel about your hair, you can tackle the problem of thinning hair before it becomes a problem. There are several things you can add to your routine to improve your hair health. First of all, a scalp massage can help stimulate blood flow and remove dead skin cells from around the hair roots. There are also a number of products on the market to address thinning hair. These add volume to the hair to help it look fuller, but they are often fortified with the nutrients needed to encourage hair growth and strength. Adding multivitamins to your daily routine can also help replenish areas of your body that need extra fortification. Folic acid a B vitamin that is critical for new cell generation. It is thought to help hair follicles generate new hair when areas may be thin. Biotin, Omega-3, and Omega-6 are also nutrients that should be added to your diet to improve overall hair health.

Professional Help

If your condition has plagued you for years and you want professional help, the staff at Nu Image Medical has the knowledge, experience, and empathy to get you started on a treatment plan. They take an individualized approach to each condition they treat, and through their work, they can help improve your health and boost your confidence.


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