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Why Hair Loss Happens and What You Can Do About It

<p>Why Hair Loss Happens and What You Can Do About It</p>
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Hair loss is a problem that affects men and women. It affects people of all races and ages. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, losing your hair can have an unpleasant impact on your life. It is possible to treat the loss, but it's important to understand the causes behind the problem to choose an appropriate solution.

What Causes Balding and Thinning Hair?

How does knowing about these causes of thinning hair and balding help? With an understanding of the various root causes, it's easier to identify the appropriate treatment methods.

  • Physical stress is a big factor in hair health. If you've suffered physical trauma, such as surgery or an injury, you may experience a temporary loss of hair. There's a consistent hair life cycle made up of growth, rest, and shedding phases. The shock to your system causes hair roots to rush into the rest and shedding phases.
  • Emotional stress from major life changes can exacerbate an existing problem. As you take steps to decrease feelings of anxiety, you may notice that your loss decreases.
  • Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or thyroid problems, also cause you to lose hair, temporarily or permanently.
  • Medical conditions, such as scalp infections, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata, cause patches of lost hair. Hypothyroidism is a medical term describing an underactive thyroid gland. Certain types of medication (such as vitamin A) and medical treatments (such as radiation) can also cause you to lose your hair.
  • Heredity plays a big role in how long you keep a full head of hair. You may have family history and hormones at play, leaving you with bald spots that continue to increase in size.
  • Anemia, or low levels of iron, is another cause of thinning hair. This may be the problem if you are also experiencing cold hands and feet, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and pale skin.

One of the difficulties in treating baldness and the loss of hair is that the various causes require different types of treatment.

The Emotional Toll of Losing Your Hair

When people lose their hair, at any age, the loss can trigger negative emotions. Sometimes, men and women feel ashamed of their baldness. They may feel that thin hair means they aren't as attractive or that they'll miss out on opportunities. In fact, psychologists within the Freudian camp equate the strength and well-being of hair with the strength and well-being of virility and power. With this type of attitude, it's easy to see why men and women feel so upset when they lose their hair. Unfortunately, many decisions are influenced by a person's appearance.

Treatment Is Possible

The good news is that it is possible to treat hair loss even when multiple factors are at play. NuImage offers treatment options that are intended to prevent new loss, increase new growth, and maintain the health of your existing hair. A combination of the most commonly prescribed and most effective medications results in one treatment that covers all the causes of thinning hair and baldness.

  • Minoxidil stimulates new hair growth.
  • Ketoconazole is an extremely potent drug used, in this case, to counteract baldness.
  • Finasteride is an FDA-approved drug for the prevention of hair thinning or loss.

This combination of powerful drugs can only be prescribed by a qualified physician, and you need to be medically supervised while undergoing the treatment.

Benefits of Treatment

First impressions matter. In fact, height, weight, and hair have affected the outcome of political races in this country. When you go to a job interview or on a first date, you're sure to take special care in your appearance because you know that how you look will affect the outcome. Based on established patterns of behavior, people are more likely to feel and act confidently when they are confident about their hair. Going bald may make some men and women feel less powerful, and a healthy head of hair can increase the same person's confidence. With this in mind, hair loss treatment can be a means of turning your life around.

How Does Your Hair Affect Your Life?


Many of us accept the idea that our appearance impacts our lives in many ways. Historically, wigs were used to signify wealth and social standing. During a first encounter, people are likely to notice the other's smile, eyes, skin, and then hair, and an individual's hairstyle is one of the top three features used to describe others. If you're struggling with the loss of hair, today's the day to research the NuImage treatment options. Recognize the impact your hair health has on your life and then take control of the direction of your life.


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