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The Straight-to-the-Point Approach to Balding

The Straight-to-the-Point Approach to Balding
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In spite of sending men to the moon, having robots perform surgery, and creating prosthetics controlled by artificial intelligence, there is still no tried and true cure for hair loss. There are medications that can help manage the process and slow down the rate at which men and women lose their hair, but so far, eradicating the condition has yet to be completed. Even though losing hair affects both genders, men tend to have more significant and noticeable issues, since not everyone can pull off the look of Jason Statham, the Rock, or even Bruce Willis. Some men tend to cover up their issues will a baseball cap, but this only solves a temporary problem. If you want to do something about your balding, here is a list that gets straight to point about how you can help.

1. Accept the truth. If you need to take a few moments to catch your breath, please do so, then move on. If you can accept that this is an unfortunate part of your reality, then you will be more mentally prepared to do what it takes to make progress.

2. Cut your hair short. The point is to keep attention away from noticeable areas, and what better way to do this than with a whole head of short hair. The back of your head and the sides are definitely areas where you should keep it short. Here is where your hair is the thickest, and shorter will blend better with other areas that aren’t so lucky.

3. Strategically work with length. Although you should cut around your ears and behind the back short, the top of your head could use a little extra length. This is usually where the hair starts to get thinner the soonest.

4. Use the right shampoo. If you select a shampoo that works to counter DHT, it can make a difference in your hair health. The hormone DHT is derived from testosterone and once linked to the hair follicles on your scalp, can cause them to shrink and become less supportive of healthy hair.

5. Keep cool. There are many things that can further weaken struggling hair, and heat stress is one of them. If you tend to use a blow dryer on your hair, you can weaken the proteins contained within and trigger the hair follicles to release from the scalp.

6. It’s okay to be gray. Hair loss tends to be more significant as an individual ages, and along with age, there also comes a loss of natural hair color. Instead of turning to hair color to erase the gray, embrace the natural look, as hair dyes can be extremely damaging to hair. If you can’t do it, try only coloring your hair every six to eight weeks to give your hair a rest.

7. Choose natural treatments. Consistent or prolonged chemical treatments create harm to your hair and can elevate the timetable of loss. If you can’t make it through the list of ingredients on your shampoo or styling product, you probably need to switch to something more natural.

8. Let your hair rest. The pushing and tugging of styling can threaten your struggling hair follicles. Giving your hair a break every now and then can help your follicles grow stronger and hold on a little longer.

9. Call the dermatologist. When you notice your hair is thinning, it is best to seek professional help right away. A scalp biopsy or examination can help isolate potential causes, and an effective treatment plan can be established.

10. Don’t ignore treatment options. Even if you are embarrassed by your condition, there are medical options to help you regain a healthier head of hair. Don’t ignore certain medications or supplements, as no amount of shame or pride should keep you from looking and feeling your best.


As you come to terms with the fact that your hair is falling out, there are changes you can make in your diet and daily routine to help slow things down. Even though hygiene is a necessary part of healthy hair, over-washing your hair with harsh products can breakdown the natural strength and structure of your hair follicles. Gently pat your hair dry, rather than a vigorous towel rub, and use water-based styling products to preserve your hair. As much as you may want to hide underneath a cap, take off the hat and avoid the friction that can cause more strands to fall out. There is great progress being made in the fight against baldness and thinning hair, and if the current research is a sign of what is to come, new hope is on the horizon for those who suffer from hair loss.



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