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The Pandemic Hair Trend Men are Talking About

The Pandemic Hair Trend Men are Talking About
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The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed a host of a-typical behaviors in people around the world, many of which are influenced by social networking trends or challenges. Some of these efforts have favorable results, while others lead to more complicated endings. In the world of fashion, head shaving has become a trendsetter, with thousands of people taking to social media to show the results of their clipper work.

The Psychology of the Buzz

For men of all ages, the buzz cut isn’t just about restoring a sense of hygiene or self-care. Though this may be a thought considering social distancing guidelines that keep men from heading to the nearest barber for a trim, hair experts believe the buzz phenomenon in more about the psychology of the moment. Social culture has long looked at balding or sparse hair as unfavorable, which has kept many people for seeking help with legitimate issues of hair loss. Now, it appears to be “un-cool” if you aren’t taking part in the buzz trend. You may think this is the herd mentality driving massive numbers of men to the chair for an easy-maintenance cut, but there are some really interesting reasons behind the hairstyle trend.

“Be Who I Want”

Since there are many men who no longer have to report to a physical office for work and are enjoying remote employment, buzzing their hair is a chance to take a break for strict workplace policies or expectations. Many companies have policies in place that establish expectations for employee professionalism and presentation, and a buzz cut usually isn’t on the list. For some, the chance to cut it close is a way to push back at the workplace boundaries, at least until the world goes back to some semblance of normal and they are expected back in the office.

“Be a Part of the Gang”

According to the statistics, social media usage has increased over the past few weeks. People have turned to digital socialization in light of social distancing practices, and though it can be a form of entertainment, it is also a source of challenge. Watching others take the plunge with bold, buzz haircuts has men around the world thinking about their own opportunity. Being a part of the virtual brotherhood has taken on new meaning during these last few weeks, and it means taking a risk with their hair, then out come the clippers. This feeling of community is important to the human brain, especially when living in a time where human interaction has been so limited.

“Be Smart About the Balding”

Some men have more personal motivation for taking a drastic style with their hair. Without being able to head to the barber or stylist for help with creative coloring and cutting to hide the thinning or patch, there are those who think just taking it all off can be an effective solution. Even though guy’s night out has effectively been canceled until after the virus, most of the video connections keeping people in touch only show a headshot, which still makes one’s appearance important. Buzzing the hair short is one way to mask the balding that may be going on upstairs.

“Be a Part of a Movement”

There are some more creative reasons why men are shaving their heads down short during the lockdown, with one of them being instigated by professional rugby player Alex. As the creator of Shave Donate Nominate, Alex is challenging men to shave their hair then make a financial donation to the NHS in the UK to support healthcare workers on the front line. Those who follow the challenge are then supposed to nominate their buddies to do the same. While it’s for a good cause, some men find that they enjoy the low maintenance approach to hair care and simply use the lockdown to give a buzz a try.

“Be Ready for Summer”

Another reason men are looking to shave it down on the top is to prepare for summer weather and activities. Lockdown is limiting athletic opportunities, but that doesn’t mean men aren’t putting their energy on hold. A shorter haircut generally always means less maintenance and less heat trapped on the head. Getting it buzzed off while waiting for summer keeps guys who are raring to go from getting stuck in the line at the barbershop while their buddies head to the court.


According to psychologists, human beings will always find to justify their decisions, especially when faced with public criticism. Experts also agree that herd mentality or peer pressure are hard things to overcome, especially when social interactions have dwindled and loneliness or isolation has crept in. Whatever the reason, the buzz hair cut has definitely made some headway over the last few weeks, and men around the globe are proudly sporting their new look.


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