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Taking Care of Your Hair: 8 Expert Suggestions

Taking Care of Your Hair: 8 Expert Suggestions
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Hair is seen as one of the crowning glories of an individual’s looks. Whether your hair is dry or oily, curly or straight, long or short, gray or pink, your hair care routine says a lot about what you think of your hair. As bad hair days do a lot of damage to one’s self-confidence, it only makes sense to want the best for your hair. You might have your routine down to a science, but it is really what is best for your hair? There are many products, styling aids, opinions, and criticisms that can confuse your approach to hair care, but with these expert suggestions, you can streamline your routine to what is best for your hair’s health.

Tip #1: Seek Help

This might seem like an odd tip for hair health, but if you have noticed some problems with shedding, balding, or thinning, then you need to listen to this tip. It is okay to lose up to 100 hairs a day through grooming activities or showering, but losing more than that consistently shows signs of something serious going on. Men and women alike struggle with balding, and finding a solution for hair loss is just a phone call away. Don’t let your embarrassment or shame keep you from seeking help, because the condition will only grow worse if not diagnosed and treated. You can’t have a healthy hair routine if you don’t have hair.

Tip #2: Switch Up Your Shower

A nice hot shower can do wonders for your muscles and your mind, but scalding shower water is highly damaging to your hair. Your hair is coated with essential oils that keep strands moisturized and shiny, and stripping your hair of those oils creates coarse, dull hair. You can use a lukewarm shower to get clean and preserve the shine in your hair.

Tip #3: Shampoo Your Scalp

When you are lathering up your strands, concentrate on shampooing your scalp. When you only wash the length of your hair and the ends, it takes too much moisture out. Working shampoo into the scalp and root areas helps clean off dead skin cells and excess oil, which can create dandruff and hair health problems.

Tip #4: Correctly Condition Your Hair

Many individuals already use conditioner on a regular basis, but many apply the product incorrectly. There are many who assume their entire head needs the benefit of extra moisture and nutrition, but in reality, there are only certain sections of your hair that need conditioning. Rather than applying it to the roots, which tends to weigh hair strands down and can tug too much at the roots, the ends of your hair need the most moisture. Using a wide-tooth comb can also help distribute the right amount of conditioner through your hair and avoid excess buildup.

Tip #5 Gently Dry Your Hair

Harsh heat and rough towels are equally damaging when it comes to drying your hair. Many think towel drying is a better option than blow-drying, but even towels can be too harsh and create damage. This is especially true if your hair is dry and brittle. Using a medium to low heat setting on your blow dryer and holding it at least 10-12 inches from your hair is best when blow-drying, and avoid tugging a brush through wet hair as you dry it. This can pull out too many strands. The best options are to air dry your hair or wring out the excess water and they dry it using a cotton t-shirt.

Tip #6: Use Protective Products

The protection you provide your hair should start with the shampoo and conditioner you select in the shower and should extend to your styling and maintenance products. If you use heat styling, using a product like a heat protectant can go a long way in preserving your hair health in spite of your routine or style. Avoid harsh chemicals and putting too much product in your hair. Choosing a high-quality product will give you better results with less application over a cheap brand.

Tip #8: Switch Up Your Style

No matter how much you love your look, changing up your style, length, and part can help improve your hair’s health. Alternating how you style your hair can relieve tension in certain areas, and changing up your length can improve root strength and dry, damaged tips.


It doesn’t take much to preserve your healthy head of hair, but it does take being open-minded and willing to change your routine. Follow the advice of your healthcare providers and industry experts for the best locks in town.


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