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Springtime Strategies for Mane and Beard

Springtime Strategies for Mane and Beard
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The arrival of Spring means that summer months are on the way, and in preparation for enjoying vacation time, many people take to eliminating extra baggage from their life. It could mean spring cleaning and going through the junk in the garage, while others decide to get busy with springtime grooming. That’s right, hair care for both mane and facial areas are a popular way to prepare for the summer sun.

Exfoliate Your Beard

The icy cold temperatures of winter months and the dry air of heated homes can take the moisture right out of your skin. It is common for skin to turn dry and flaky during the winter, which can lead to conditions of dandruff on both your scalp and in your beard. In either location, dandruff can create itching and white flakes from dry skin sloughing off. You can usually see flakes on your shirt collar or shoulder blade areas, but you can also see the white flakes throughout your hair when you comb it. You can see them in your beard as well. To prevent dandruff, you need to exfoliate these hair areas. Exfoliation scrubs the skin beneath your beard and on your scalp, removing dead skin cells and bacteria that has accumulated over the winter months. It will also help unclog the pores in your skin that release the natural oils needed to moisturize your skin. There are several brushes that can pull the flakes after you exfoliate, but choose a bamboo beard brush if you want to create less static or tugging on the hairs.

Reduce Product Usage

The sun begins to make a more regular appearance during the springtime, and when it does, the temperatures start to climb higher. While everyone enjoys the brilliance and warmth of the sun, warmer temperatures will create increased sebum production in your skin. It is natural for your skin to need moisturizing, but the increase could create too much oil. Bacteria is more easily trapped in oily skin, which could create problems with acne on your face, but also cause odors if left unwashed. You don’t want the beauty of spring marred by a funky smell or skin breakouts. For your beard, it is best to reduce how much oil you use. You may have been using it during the winter as an added layer of moisturizer for the skin beneath the hair, but you should cut back on your usage while your skin is adjusting the temperature change. For your hair, you can continue to use conditioner for your hair, but try to limit your use of putty, gels, or styling aids that will cling to the roots and gunk up your scalp. When your roots aren’t able to breathe and get clogged with bacteria or products, your hair growth can be stunted. Hair follicles can be severely impacted by poor hygiene, in some cases, leading to hair loss. Try switching your beard oil for a beard balm. These products are often made from wax and natural essential oils, giving you a neat style without the heavy application of oil.

Give Everything a Trim

Many people appreciate hair and beard length in the winter for weather-element protection. However, wearing a beard all year long can offer protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun that can wreak havoc on delicate facial skin. Beards can also make a statement of personality, and when kept neat and trimmed, some men find that beards are effective chick magnets. Even when it comes to the hair on your head, keeping it well-trimmed and grime-free are the ways to attract some positive attention. When your hair growth is too thick- either on top of the head or around your face- the sunlight can’t penetrate to the roots and kill damaging skin bacteria. A trim on your facial hair can give your skin the breathing room it needs, and trimming your scalp hairs help remove dead or drying ends that steal nutrition from the rest of the hair.

Spoil Your Hair With Food

To really be good to your hair this spring, you should spoil it with nutritious and fortifying foods. A diet high in protein is important since hair follicles are primarily composed of protein. The hair protein called keratin is produced when the diet is rich in biotin. For this reason, eggs, dark green vegetables, fatty fish, avocadoes, berries, sweet potatoes, and meats or beans are good for your hair.

Hair care and grooming are important, and spring gives you a perfect opportunity to do something new and neat with your hair. Show your hair a little bit of love, and get it summer-ready.


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