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Looking Good When Your Hair is Looking Thin

Looking Good When Your Hair is Looking Thin
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Most people seem to recognize a comb-over hairstyle as a terribly ineffective way to hide a receding hairline or a bald patch on the scalp, but this isn’t the only way you can inadvertently draw more attention to the problems with your hair. Looking good when you leave the house tends to be a top priority for each morning routine, and yet struggles are harder than others to mask. It's easy enough to slap some makeup on some acne or apply extra lotion to patches of dry skin, but how cover patches of scalp effectively is another story. Unfortunately, people who have thinning hair tend to make some common mistakes when trying to hide their problem areas. In addition to getting medical treatment for your hair loss, since some conditions are caused by medical concerns, you can meet with your hairstylist for recommendations on a cut or shape that can help present a more flattering look for your features while still hiding thin or patchy areas. However, you can help your own cause by avoiding these things that can actually make your hair look worse.

1. Spray-On Hair

Even though there is something helpful about covering up stains on walls with a coat of paint, the top of your head has a much different surface and presentation that an interior wall. Spray-on hair released keratin particles and colored powders than can provide coverage for areas of the scalp where the density of the hair is quite low. If used sparingly, the products work well and coat the scalp with a fine layer of color that then blends into the hairs above. However, it can look cheap and artificial if used in abundance and if used in the wrong color. If you would rather change your overall hair color to hide the areas, choose a natural color shade that will compliment your skin tone and blend well with your scalp.

2. Cheap Hairpieces

When it comes wearing false hair, it is more difficult for men to look natural in a wig, unless the hairpiece has been constructed with human hair and is continually styled by a professional. Even though this can get a little bit expensive, the extra attention to the detail and touch-up will go a long way with saving your presentation. Women generally have more options with styled wigs, whether full or partial, but they too should only select pieces made with human hair to really present a natural, seamless look.

3. Bad Hair Extensions

If you are struggling with hair loss, it probably isn’t a good idea to use hair extensions. On their own, and when constructed from human hair, these pieces can be fitted to provide a complete look of length, but they don’t help with thickness. Losing hair is a problem that originates in the scalp, and solving the problem means to address the origins of the condition. Extensions won’t help cover the scalp or the thinning patches. They can also add more stress on already weak hair follicles and root systems, which could just make the overall problem worse.

4. The Comb-Over

Already mentioned as perhaps the most easily recognized sign of thinning hair or balding, growing some hair longer to strategically maneuver them into covering up problem areas simply puts a spotlight on the problem. Although this is a practical approach, it doesn’t really solve the problem of loss or the desire for your looks to remain unaffected by the condition. Lightening your whole head of hair makes your loss of hair less noticeable.

5. Hair Plugs

Since technology has provided new ways to graft hair into areas that have experienced loss, hair plugs are definitely a thing of the past. Hair restoration surgery tends to offer results that are realistic and reflective of normal growth. In fact, new research discoveries are showing a lot of promise with hair growth and transplant options.

6. Hats

A sporty ballcap or fancy fedora are easy ways to cover up a bad hair day, but you are experiencing a bad hair day every day, this isn’t the solution. First of all, it isn’t practical. You can’t go to every social or formal event in a hat. It will also just attract attention if worn when it’s not an appropriate time or place. If you are looking for complete coverage, consider a quality wig or a supplement that is intended to help restore your hair health. It will take more time than simply jamming on a hat, but the results will be well worth the wait.


Even though the court of public opinion is swinging more favorably toward male baldness as being sexy, not everyone wants to lose their hair. Anyone struggling to maintain an appearance that they can be confident in will need more than these tacky treatments to address their condition. Medical help is available, and you should seek professional solutions before treating yourself.



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