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DIY Your Hair Maintenance During Lockdown

DIY Your Hair Maintenance During Lockdown
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States all across the United States have placed their citizens under shelter-in-place restrictions, as the nation looks to flatten the curve of the deadly coronavirus. These restrictions have also come with orders that nonessential businesses remain closed until the government agencies give the all-clear signal. Though the issues of what are essential vs nonessential business are being hotly debated, many hairstylists and barbers have found themselves temporarily out-of-work given the working conditions and restrictions from the government. However, that leaves many people wondering about their haircare and what to do to keep their locks healthy.

Know What’s Normal

Even though you are staying indoors and not seeing people, you shouldn’t let your hair health suffer. Since you may have left your haircare to a stylist or barber, it might be unnerving to watch what happens to your hair over the next few weeks. There are several things that may occur that are completely normal. First of all, it is normal for the average person to lose between 75-100 strands of hair a day because of the growth cycle. However, periods of severe stress and poor maintenance can create problems with more noticeable hair loss. This is why it will be important to follow a good hair care routine even though you can’t get out to the salon.

Start With Your Diet

Your hair health begins with what you are feeding your body. The most important items to make sure your include in meals or snacks are iron and protein. Out of all the cells that are in the body, the hair cells grow the fastest. They are also the first cells to die or be negatively impacted when your diet isn’t giving them the right nutrients. Many people are facing certain food shortages at the grocery stores, but fortunately, there have yet to be complaints about green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, legumes, or soybeans being out of stock. These are iron-rich foods that can keep your hair fortified over the next few weeks. You can get protein from sources like quinoa, yogurt, peas, lentils, milk, or cheese. Make an effort to continue a healthy diet even after the lockdown is over.

Conserve Your Resources

If you are afraid of heading out to the grocery store, you can conserve on your hair care products by limiting how often you wash and style your hair. Washing your hair every day can strip the oils that help keep your hair strands plump and moist. When your hair is weak and dry, it becomes hard and brittle, prone to breakage and falling out. To help conserve your stockpile of hair care products (although you can always order things online or for pickup), wash your hair every other day and use a good conditioner to keep it moisturized. Using the same brand for your shampoo and conditioner often makes it easier to make sure your products are complementary. If you do use conditioner, rinse it out using cold water, since it helps build strength and increases shine.

Act Like a Professional

When it comes to your haircare, treat yourself to a professional routine while at home. The pro-tips for hair care will help you avoid damaging your hair while you wait to get back to the salon. Use a broad toothed comb whenever you are untangling your hair or styling it, working it gently from the roots to the end. Try not to comb through your hair when it is wet since it increases the risk of breakage. When using a blow dryer, hold it at least 15-18 inches from your hair, being careful to avoid tugging on the roots while you use your comb. Though your hair color may start to fade over the next few weeks, the break from hair coloring can help your hair rebuild its strength. It isn’t recommended that you try to order a product and do things yourself. If you feel confident in the skills of you or your partner, you can also give your ends a small trim if you feel the edges are getting ragged.

Let Your Hair Shine

Just like you will take caring of what you put in your body to take care of your hair, you should also look carefully at what you are putting on your hair. Shampoos that have a lot of sulfates can strip your hair of its essential oils, so pay attention to irritation or any drying that your hair experiences. As you try to wait out these next few weeks without your professional hair care, you can let your natural hair shine. You won’t be going many places anyway, so why not take the next few weeks to make sure your hair is on point when the isolation rules are lifted.


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