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7 Mistakes You're Making With Hair Loss

7 Mistakes You're Making With Hair Loss
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Dealing with thinning hair can be hard, and it's easy to feel helpless when nothing you try seems to have any effect on your constantly receding hairline. If you have thinning hair there's good news -- you may be making some easily-fixed mistakes which are contributing to your hair loss. If you're making any of the horrible mistakes below that means you have the opportunity to make a change for the better and to start combating your hair loss today.

1) Choosing the Wrong Looks

The simplest way to change the impression your thinning hair makes is to change the way you are presenting it to the world. By changing the way you prepare your hair in the morning you can have a significant impact on the way others see you. The two most common errors that people with thinning hair make are straightening their hair and using products like gels which have a wet-look finish. Both of these hairstyling choices have the effect of accentuating the appearance of thinning and make any hair loss you're dealing with more apparent.

2) Overcompensating for Thinning

While the above choices may be made without even considering your thinning hair, only to have the unintentional effect of drawing attention to it, there are other concerns where efforts made explicitly to hide balding or thinning actually have the opposite effect. The most well-known self-defeating fix is opting for a comb-over hairstyle. Although the idea is to grow hair out in order to use it to cover thin spots, it actually just ends up drawing attention to your hair loss.

Another popular fix which thin-haired individuals are turning to is getting hair extensions. While this can work as a short-term solution, you should take caution before using them outside of filling in your hair for special occasions. Getting extensions puts a significant amount of tensions on the natural hairs used to secure it, so you may be trading increased thinning in the long term in exchange for that temporary boost.

3) Treating it Roughly

Everybody should be putting a priority on treating their hair kindly, but this goes extra for individuals with thinning hair. Roughly brushing or combing your hair puts strain on the hair follicles, as does excessive playing with your hair. Even something as simple as choosing a pillowcase with a less-abrasive finish can reduce the stress you are putting on your hair every day and keep your head fuller.

4) Too Much Styling at the Salon

Getting a new style can make you feel great, like you're a brand new you. Unfortunately, much of the styling we love requires some damaging treatments for your hair. While styles like artificial curling and straightening do some damage, the biggest offender is hair dye. The chemicals in hair dyes can have highly harmful effects on your hair. This is particularly true when you first need to bleach your hair to make the new colors pop. Keeping things natural can help preserve your hairline.

5) Surplus Shampoo Sessions

You probably know that it's important to take care of your hair to prevent thinning, so it may seem obvious that regular cleaning is essential. Unfortunately, we all too often over-shampoo in the pursuit of cleanliness. If you aren't doing strenuous or dirty activities you likely should only be shampooing every other day, or every third day if you have short hair.

6) Eating Poorly

A healthy diet is important for many reasons beyond keeping your hair looking its best, but that doesn't change the fact that proper nutrition is a key component for combating thinning hair. If your hair is thinning take a look at your diet and work toward a balanced approach to meals. You can also help to patch over holes in your diet with nutritional supplements to get the minerals and vitamins your hair needs.

7) Thinking it Can't Be Helped

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to your thinning hair is thinking there's nothing you can do to prevent it. We have made great strides in countering the causes of hair loss in order to help you prevent further loss and even grow back fuller hair. Working with a hair loss product may be able to take your receding hairline and turn it back in the other direction. Give a chance to a medically supervised solution to a happier, healthier YOU!    If you'd like to learn more about how we've combined 3 products in to one powerful one to help, learn more about NuHar.

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